When it comes to designing, every one of us has their own different taste – some love it dark and mysterious, some prefer it “clean” and clear, some love it in white and some love it in black – and all others’ preferences are somewhere in between, spread along the endless options. But if every one of us has a different design taste, why is it that we see more kitchen designs that are popular and common, rather than unique and exceptional designs? What are the reasons that most homeowners won’t choose an exceptional kitchen design for their homes? Here are the main reasons.

Visualize the Outcome

While many homeowners have great ideas for their kitchen design, most of them lack the ability to visualize what the outcome will look like. And so, they are concerned that their idea won’t be as great as they think it to be, and so they’ll eventually be disappointed with the final outcome, which make them drop their ideas and stick to designing choices that are more likely to lead to beautiful results.

Getting Tired of those Bold Colors

The most common concern about choosing bold colors (or bold choices), is having to live with it. Sure, one can agree to color their whole kitchen walls with red color – the designers will admire your courage but once the job will be completed you are the one who will have to live with it, and our experience taught us that most people afraid that eventually they will get tired of that bold color.

Selling the House

Some homeowners know that their home will not be their last, as they plan to sell it in the future and buy a new one. And so, they afraid that choosing an exceptional kitchen design might lead to difficulties in the future, as maybe most potential buyers won’t like those bold designing choices.

Embrace Your Exceptional Ideas

Here, at A Granite MD, we advise you to embrace your exceptional ideas and don’t overthink it – at the bottom line, people can always criticizes the choices you take (even yourself) but creating an exceptional kitchen design can actually turn to be special and unique – who knows, you can even start a new trend!

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