Remodeling projects usually involved with many things to do, and it is easy to lose track of it all during such projects, should it is not planned right. That’s why it is important to start any remodeling project with a plan, and which way is better to start than starting with a professional estimate and consultation? So, here’s what to expect on an estimate meeting for a residential remodeling project.

Meeting Location

First thing is the location of the meeting with the professionals, which logically should take place at your place. Meaning, the estimate meeting should be held at the place where the remodeling project is intended to be carried out at. If you’re invited to the company’s offices it can be for consultation purposes but the estimate will probably be more like a rough estimate than a precise one.


Why is it important for the estimate meeting to be held at the place which intended for the remodeling? When it comes to constructions, be it a new kitchen or a bathroom remodeling, and even only the renovation of your kitchen’s counters, the measurements is a significant indicator for the price quote. So, it is only make sense that the professional will arrive to your location.

The Price Quote

When receiving the price quote from the professional, it is important to ask and make sure you understand what’s included in the offer and what doesn’t. If you like the offer given and wish to close a deal with the professional – make sure to get the offer in writing to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Usually, the price quote should include the materials, the fabrication and the installation. Products costs usually priced separately by the professional, according to your choices. Of course, once the professional understand your final choices of products, they can calculate it into the total offer.

Professional Consultation

During the estimate meeting, you should be able to ask any question you might have regarding the remodeling project, so you could get all your concerns cleared. Should you still concerned about something regarding the project once the meeting is over, don’t oblige yourself to it and make sure the professionals answer all your questions – otherwise, don’t hire the company.

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