A lot is written and said about modern design, but I think that the most interesting thing about modern design is that it is actually a comprehensive definition of several design styles that share common features. What are those common features? Why do most people choose modern designs for their homes? And which considered as exceptional modern designs? Answers ahead.

Modern Design Features

The main idea behind modern design was to create a simple architecture, without the built-in decorations that we witness in buildings that was built before. Another idea was to create a functionality design, meaning form that follows function – no more decorations that meant to create beauty or symbolism, but design that answers the structure’s usage and needs. While those are the two main features of modern design, it is easy to understand how diverse and vast the designs which falls under the modern design definition are.

Why Most People Choose Modern Design?

Guess the real question is why modern design is the most popular one. And that question has a simple answer – due to the endless options that falls under the modern design definition, it only make sense that those would become the most popular, as other designs styles offer a much narrower selection. At the bottom line, while other design ideas are each a certain design style, modern design is a Meta definition of several different designs and styles.

Turning the Popular Into Exceptional

Although modern design is the most common design, it can still be exceptional and unique. How? Well, just think about all the possibilities and those that never been combined yet – you can always create a new modern kitchen design, should you give it your own unique interpretation. And we can help you with doing just that!

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