Serving the local community of Las Vegas and surroundings for over a decade is one of the things we really take pride about, here at A Granite MD. On each project we strive to provide our customers with the best services we can give. But doing the best is not enough, as we also ensure that each customer will get the results they expect to get, down to the smallest details of the projects. We’ve created an organized remodeling process (which usually starts with a free estimate) that allows the customers to get through their project with a relaxed mind, as they always aware of the state of it. And should you ask our customers about us – this is what they usually say.

Free Estimate and Advice

The first thing that most our customers are happy about is also the first thing they’ve got from us – a free estimate and a professional advice. The idea behind it is to allow our customers to ask anything they want to ask about the remodeling they consider and get all the answers they need before committing themselves to anything. That way, they can make a decision only after they know what it involves and that they have the time and budget for it. No matter what scale of a remodeling project they want to do, small or huge, it always starts with a free estimate and the advice of our professionals.

If you’re considering a remodeling project, you can schedule your free estimate at: 702-868-6114

One Stop Shop

The second thing that most of our customers value is the fact that we offer everything your project needs in one place. Additionally, we work with the best suppliers in town who offer great prices for our customers. That way we save our customers both money and time and also the hassle that involves with running across town looking for all the things they need.

Top Notch Quality

Doing our best on each and every remodeling project means that we use only high quality materials and products and execute it only by experienced professionals. Every element is important down to the granite countertops’ seam (which should be as thin and as invisible as possible). And paying attention to each element is what allows us to create a beautiful outcome each and every time.

So, this is what our customers have to say about us. But don’t take our word for it – visit here to read our customers’ testimonials, which we’ve got through the years!