Modern or classic? Rustic or luxurious? Clean or Messy? What is the best design style to suit your character? Which vibe you wish to create at your home? What would make you feel at home? Or maybe the question is what would you consider as a home? Just as we are different people with different tastes, thoughts and feelings, this is how we have a different perception of what a home is. Some may think that a home should be warm and cozy and some think that a clear and clean design is the only thing that make them comfortable in their homes. So, which design goes with your character?

The Warm Romantic Type

The warm and romantic type usually feels very safe in warm and cozy environments. Such environments that feel as though it was hugging the people staying in it. It can be achieved by a rustic, country-like design, which makes use of warm colors. The warmer you want it, you can create it by covering all trace of the white standard walls we find in each typical house. It can be covered with wooden paneling, by colors or even by rugs that will create a very cozy environment.

The Modern Neat Freak

People who are constantly worried about cleaning and want their house to always be clean would probably have trouble living in a country-like designed houses. The modern neat freak must have a clean-like design, a clear and neat design, which will allow them to feel at home. The “cleaner” the design’s lines, colors and decorations will be, the safer they will feel. Some of the neat freaks suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder, and the more details you’ll include in their home’s designing, the more severe their condition may get. A clean design will create a “calmer” environment for them to stay at, and when we feel calm, we tend to feel at home.

The Young and the Restless

What about when we decorate the children’s room? What goes with their energetic vibe? Well, it depends of the kid’s character. Just as any one of us has their own character, our kids has one too, only usually they still trying to figure out which one is it. It’s ok to allow your child’s style to be reflected within their room’s design, which will grant them more confidence to be who they feel they are.

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