All granite countertops are designed to be seamless, smooth, stain-resistant, and durable. Granite stones come in a great variety of colors, finishes, and prices depending on the rarity. Listing it all would be impossible, but when it comes to the choice of granite countertops, here are the most popular types:

White Granite

  • Brightens up any kitchen
  • Makes the kitchen look cleaner and appear more spacious
  • It can have traces of other colors: mostly black, red, and darker hues of green and blue
  • Has a wide variety of patterns: swirls, specks, veins, and chunks of darker colors are common in this type
  • The popular finish is polished to have a more marble look, vintage finish is also popular

Black Granite

  • Makes the kitchen sleeker and more luxurious
  • Fits every kitchen color scheme
  • Better stain resistance
  • Consistent with other black granites, easier to find similar patterns
  • Traces of other color blends cleanly with black: mostly reds and blues
  • Looks great in polished finish, but also works very well with leathered and honed finish

Cream Granite

  • Perfect for traditional kitchens
  • Lighter and more relaxing appeal
  • Blends well with both darker and lighter colors in its patterns
  • Best looking in vintage finish, but polished and sandblasted finish also look great

Brown Granite

  • Offers a warmer look to the kitchen
  • A lot of different patterns but traces of black balance it out the best
  • Polished and rough finish are the most popular

Green, Blue, Red, and Gold Granite

  • Not as common varieties, but adds a great theme and detail to the kitchen
  • Must be careful with the color coordination with other kitchen items
  • Still look natural despite the vibrant hues
  • Best with a polished finish
Just remember to choose the right color and finish that best matches the kitchen design you have in mind. With thousands of options, try to understand that your supplier might not have a specific granite type that you want, but they can easily provide you with a lot of similar alternatives.  With so many varieties, you’ll never run out of options.