Tiles at A Granite M.D. Las Vegas

Tiles are some of the most reliable materials in home remodeling. From stone to concrete and from flooring to backsplashes, many materials can be cut into tiles for easier installation and highly customizable designs. Listed down below are some of the tiles we use in our Las Vegas remodeling projects.

Characteristics of Tiles

Tiles are materials that are perfected for home remodeling use. There is quite a selection of different materials that are cut into tiles – so they can be transformed into a lighter and more flexible home remodeling option. Here are some of the best characteristics of tiles:

  • Flexibility

Different materials such as natural stones and concrete are cut into tiles for Las Vegas home remodeling projects. They are cut into thinner and smaller sheets of tiles so they can be easier to work with in installation. Taking advantage of the thinner sheets helps the naturally beautiful materials to cover more flooring and wall spaces, and still provide their visual and functional properties. Tiles are lighter and more flexible than slabs of stones and concrete, but remain resilient once installed.

  • Affordability

Ceramic tiles are manufactured in large amounts, making them one of the most affordable options. Once installed, the relatively thin sheets of ceramic tiles gain considerable resilience, perfect for wall tiles and flooring.

  • Textures

Textures and finishes play a huge part in tiles. Porcelain tile or polished natural stone tiles make very easily maintained countertops for a cleaner worktop, while shower tiles are designed to be slip-proof. Tile textures can also be customized for aesthetic appeal.

The smoother finishes of tiles include polished, gloss, and honed finishes. These are very easy to maintain, easy to clean, and provides a beautifully smooth visual appeal. Some of the other finishes include rough, natural, and matte finishes. These finishes are still smooth in their own right, with an added non-slip quality and a depth in their aesthetic design.

  • Designs

Tiles have different types and they come in different materials. Each type and material has their own design elements, from their colors, patterns, and textures. Natural stones commonly have natural earthy hues, but their colors can range from the whitest marble, to the blackest slate, to the most vibrant red, blue, and green granites.

Concrete and ceramic tiles can also be manufactured with different stains and designs, and can have different finishes from polished to rough that adds additional design details. There is wide selection of designs and surfaces of tiles in Las Vegas that are available with A Granite M. D.

Types of Tiles

When it comes to home remodeling projects, tiles have always been one of the most versatile materials. It can be used as flooring, on bathroom walls, and as kitchen backsplashes among its other uses. They all have a wide variety of textures and designs, and certain combinations can provide the most unique visual effect.

  • Flooring

Tiles are commonly used in flooring as they are highly flexible and can be installed easier than larger slab. Floor tiles are usually made from hard flooring tiles like ceramic, natural stone, and concrete. These are cut in larger dimensions to minimize the seams in the floor, but it is still based on the overall design.

Many of these floor tiles have a smooth but not-so-slippery finish like matte or gloss, and some bathroom and shower tiles are designed with maximum traction to prevent a slippery wet surface.

  • Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are commonly used in bathrooms for a waterproof wall. They can also be used for other parts of the home, but mostly for aesthetic designs. Some of the most common wall tiles for bathrooms are ceramic and natural stone tiles, known for their water resistant properties.

The wall tiles that are used for visual appeal usually have textured surfaces for more detailed designs. They can come in different sizes as well: from mosaic tiles for additional bathroom details or larger natural stone tiles in the fireplace.

  • Backsplashes

Backsplashes provide amazing kitchen details and it also gives a low maintenance and waterproof walls for you kitchen workstations. Different materials for backsplashes also include ceramic and natural stone tiles, particularly porcelain tiles and granite that matches the countertops.

Backsplashes also come in different sizes. They can come in square tiles, or the classic rectangular backsplash design, or small mosaic tiles, or in larger dimensions of natural stones for minimal seams.

  • Countertops

Countertops are the workstations in the kitchen and they act as a very beautiful kitchen design element. One of the most commonly used materials for countertops are ceramic tiles, as natural stone countertops usually come in larger, full slabs. Ceramic tiles like porcelain provide a smooth, clean, and easy to maintain countertop surface.


As exemplified multiple times above, the most popular tiles for home remodeling are ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, and concrete.

  • Ceramic Tiles    

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common flooring and wall tiles in Las Vegas. They can be installed in any room in the house, and provide beautiful effects with different finishes available. The most popular colors are white, beige, and brown that offer warm and bright atmosphere on every room. These are also highly waterproof, perfect for bathroom tiles.

  • Natural Stone

Some of the most popular natural stones are granite, slate, and marble. Each one is naturally beautiful, and can come in various finishes. They are all very sturdy, stain-proof, waterproof, and very easy to maintain.

The natural colors of these tiles can range from earthy colors of slate, the vibrant colors of granite, and the elegance of white and black marble.

  • Concrete

Concrete is made from a mixture of stone, sand, cement, and water. It is just as resilient and sturdy as other flooring options, has a unique texture, and has been gaining popularity in the past few years.

When choosing the right flooring for your Las Vegas home, it is important to consider the characteristics of different flooring materials, and if they work best as a specific type of tile. Different types of tiles can have varying degrees of durability and affordability, as well as a wide selection of designs and patterns.