Before starting to plan a kitchen remodeling project it seems as a great idea, which is great actually. The thing is, that as you start plan it, a lot of things can get lost in the process because the options are many and varied, and sometimes you may forget things that were important to you to include in your project. And so, here’s a list of things you can consider including in your project that may help you remember the important things.


The best thing to start with is the basic things that may or may not require your attention. Meaning, the first thing you should ask yourself is “does the infrastructures of my home are good?” – leading to deciding whether you need to fix your plumbing or take changes to your electrical infrastructure.


Things in your kitchen that directly related to its functionality, which replacing them will allow you to enjoy a better function and easier as well. The sink, faucets, and even the electrical appliances that will allow you to enjoy a high functioning kitchen.


There are things that considered to be related to design choices alone, but we’re all know that it also things that will allow you a high functionality of your kitchen as it will grant you a comfort in your own kitchen. Such things are: new cabinets to allow you the storage space you need, granite countertops to allow you to enjoy a durable surface for years to come, a new floor, backsplashes to protect your kitchen’s walls where you cook, and an island to extend the surface upon you can cook or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Other elements are indeed only related to design choices, such as ceiling decoration, the color of your new cabinets, the pattern on your new granite countertops, etc. but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to consider those as well – it is only something you should leave to the last part of planning, as starting with the essential things will better allow you to enjoy the best results.

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