When you have a well-kept backyard, with plants, lounge where guests can sit, a BBQ bar or even a private swimming pool, your Sundays and holidays looks different, doesn’t it? And to the better of course. When you have a beautiful and comfort place to host your family and friends, you don’t think twice before doing so, right? Here’s a few examples of how and when homeowners like to party in their backyard.

A Sunday Afternoon with the Close Family

Sundays’ afternoons are always great time for joyful activity with our family. Hosting the close family can perfect your time and should you have young kids – they will love the idea. The hosting can include soccer match between your family members, a BBQ cooking or just some cold lemonade with cookies – each family and their own thing. But the atmosphere is the same – the kids running around playing with each other, the parents asking them to watch their steps, the elderly enjoying the fresh air and the laughter of the kids, just great family time!

A Birthday Party at the Backyard

Celebrating birthdays at the backyard is one of the most popular events in any home. When you own a beautiful backyard, you can decorate it as you please, you can play music and you can host enough guests in order for the party to be a success and fun! You can set the theme of the party and choose party games that suited for it too.

Welcoming the New Year in Your Backyard with Your Best Friends!

If you have kids you must have dealt with the situation where your friends asked you to go out with them to a New Year’s Eve party, but you couldn’t because you had young kids, who you obviously couldn’t leave home alone. But now, that you have that beautiful backyard – it’s your time to celebrate the New Years with your friends while the kids are close by, safe and sound, sleeping inside the house.

At the bottom line, when you have a well-kept backyard, it turns into a place where you can spend time with your family and friends whenever you wish to. You can even design it to include a closed lounge where you can keep warm during those Vegas cold winter evenings. Want to remodel your backyard? Give us a call at: 702-868-6114 and A Granite M.D.’s expert will advise and give you a free estimate for a remodeling project for your backyard.