Too often we hear from customers that wish to remodel their kitchen but think that there’s nothing much to do with it due to its small size. So, let us start with saying that it is a common mistake to think that. Along our experience, we surely had our fair share of huge remodeling projects, but we also took on so many “small sized” projects. And let us tell you – it came to be spectacular! The truth is, it is only up to you and the professional you hire for the job. Here are only some of the options of small kitchen remodeling.

Design Style for Small Kitchens

Forget what you’ve told – any design style can fit any size of a kitchen. Sure, we can do more classic decoration in a big kitchen but there’s nothing to stop us from creating a beautiful classic small kitchen as well. Desire a modern styled kitchen? No problem. All you got to do it tell us what you want and we will tell you how it can be created. We’re simply yet to come across a request we couldn’t execute, but we will surely let you know if that ever happen.

Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

The first thing that our customers complain about regarding their small kitchen, is the lack of enough storage. So it only make sense that within our plan we always combine storage solutions to answer the needs of our customers. And it can be done in many different ways. First, there are the cabinets, including the upper level of it (some small kitchens has only one level of cabinets and so additional level doubles the storage space to start with). Additional storage can be in the pantry planned for the new kitchen. The kitchen’s island can also provide with more room for storage, as it can be made of cabinets on which the island placed.

Small Kitchens Remodeling in Las Vegas

Wish to remodel your Las Vegas kitchen? At A Granite MD we specialize in kitchens’ remodeling of any size to the customers’ satisfaction. Our Granite “Docs” will advise, plan, design and execute your kitchen remodeling project to perfection. Want to get a free offer with no obligations? Call us at: 702-868-6114 and we will be at your service!