Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular project among home renovations. Just like the kitchen, it is a residential space that all of the family use and so, it should suit to each of the family members living in that house. Other than the desire to renew the bathroom, there are a lot of reasons for why homeowners chose to remodel the bathroom – here’s the most common ones.

Common Reasons to Have a New Bathroom


When the bathroom has molded and it has reached the condition where it is harmful or a hazard to the residents’ health. Sure, mold can be removed and cleaned, especially if you spot it sooner than later, but sometimes when you finally see it, its condition is already severe and so it is very unhealthy.

Broken Cabinets, Flooring or Ceramic

When the bathroom is worn and not in a rustic beautiful style… the cabinets are broken and its doors coming apart, the flooring is cracked or the ceramic tiles on the walls are broken and starting to fall. It isn’t nice and gives you that feeling that you take a bath in a dumpster, which is why most homeowners to such bathroom chose to reconstruct it entirely.

Adjusting the Bathroom to Suit the Family Needs

As mentioned, the bathroom uses all the home residents, and so, must be suited to their needs. Therefore, a lot of bathroom remodeling projects are conducted in the purpose of suiting the space for one or more of the family members. For example – suiting the bathroom to the use of toddlers or elderly people, so they’ll be able to reach and conveniently use all the facilities. Additionally, bathroom remodeling projects a lot of times are conducted in order to adjust the bathroom to the use of a disabled person, which is extremely important to their safety and independency.

Moving into a New House

Moving into a new home is one of the most common reasons for bathroom remodeling projects. Whether a new house or a used one, every new homeowner desire to suit the bathroom to their needs and so choses to remodel the bathroom prior to the moving in date.

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