So, you really want to remodel the bathroom but you don’t have a solid good reason to go with it. Well, if you’re looking for a reason, you might find one in our previous blog post , where we’ve listed a few great reasons for bathroom remodeling. But, if you’re simply looking for a good excuse that will stick and convince you and whoever you wish to convince that you really do need a bathroom remodeling – here’s a few great excuses to remodel your bathroom to use you.

“I’ve had Enough of This Old Bath”

No one can convince you more than yourself. And another great fact is that no one can tell you how you feel, and what if you’re simply tired with the old bathroom? Tired with the old bathtub, with the old design, with the old feeling in it…? We’ve decided officially, that “I’m tired of my old bathroom” is a solid, good excuse for remodeling the bathroom.

The Mold Is Gone But the Smell Still Here

Mold is something that can be removed completely. But a lot of times the stains remain on the walls and ceiling. Even further than that, sometimes that astringent smell remains long after the mold has been removed, and it has a nasty scent to it. And you won’t enjoy your bathroom entirely until you’ll finally get rid of that smell. Another supported fact is that smell directly affects our mood and physical condition and can cause headaches and even depression. So, if you smell an unpleasant scent in your old bathroom, there you have a great excuse for your bathroom remodeling.

The House is Old

We live in a very dynamic area, too dynamic some may say. And it is not always a good thing, as old things loses its charm too fast. But, in this case, you can use it to your advance – if your house is relatively old, it can use you as a great excuse to remodel your bathroom! Hey, we don’t judge!

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