If you wish to create a warm and welcoming vibe in your home, the rustic design style is surely what should guide you through planning your interior design. On this article, you’ll find some of our tips and ideas for designing a new rustic kitchen that hopefully will inspire you for your remodeling project. Let’s begin.

Rustic Colors Choices

One of many decisions about your remodeling project is regarding the colors you choose for your new kitchen. It can be decided right after you choose the design style you wish to design your new kitchen with or even before. But in any case, it is one of the early decision to make. The most common color in rustic kitchens is brown in all its shades. It is only make sense, since the rustic design style is based on wood construction. But these days, you can design your rustic kitchen with other colors such as black or white – with rustic patterns, such as white cabinets with peeling color pattern or black with a burned wood pattern. Of course, if you want a “classic” rustic design, brown is the way to create that natural wood appearance.

Rustic Flooring Ideas

If you want to create a classic rustic design, you should avoid creating contrasts between the kitchen’s elements by the colors and strive to create a more homogeneous look. For example, choosing a brown hardwood flooring and choose a shade that is relatively close to the shades of the cabinets and counters. You can choose a slightly different shade if you don’t want that the whole kitchen will be of the same color.

If you want to create a modern rustic design, you can create contrasts by choosing colors that aren’t brown but still on the brown color spectrum – for example, you can choose cream marble flooring for your rustic kitchen to go with the new brown cabinets. Another option to create contrast is combining opposing shades such as deep dark brown with light brown.

Rustic Cabinets Ideas

When it comes to the new cabinets of your new rustic kitchen, you can choose not only the color of its doors, but also the style of its design and handles. You can choose rough sanded finish to the cabinets’ doors that will grant it that rustic touch. You can also choose engraved doors with beautiful ornamentals in it, to create a classic rustic look. For the handles, you can choose one of three options: doors without handles, old-school handles that are usually of simple appearance, or classic handles that has that old magical vibe to it.

If you’ve chosen the modern rustic look to your new kitchen, you can choose the first option and design handles-free cabinets. If you’ve chosen the classic rustic design, you can choose beautiful classic handles. As far for the color of the handles, here’s a few ideas:

  • Gold colored classic handles for dark brown cabinets (suits for classic rustic kitchens).
  • Silver colored classic handles for bright brown cabinets (classic rustic kitchens).
  • White old-school handles for dark brown cabinets (modern rustic kitchens).
  • Black old-school handles for bright brown or cream cabinets (modern rustic kitchens).