Starting a remodeling project in your home can be stressful, as you may not always know what to start with or what to expect at the end of it. Homeowners we’ve met with in order to assess their projects’ scale, told us not once that they weren’t sure whether to go for a remodeling project, because it is too hard to manage the project while they have other daily commitments such as their jobs and family, and they simply can’t see how they can manage it all. Guess that’s the reason that when they hear we offer to plan and run their project from A to Z, they’re happy to finely remodel their old kitchen. Here’s how A Granite MD will assign one foreman for your kitchen remodeling.

Get an Estimate for Your Project

The first thing to start with, is a free estimate meeting, in which you will get the idea of your remodeling cost and length of time in which it can be completed. A Granite MD offers free estimate meetings in Las Vegas and Surroundings, including Boulder City. The idea is that one of our experts will arrive to your house, see the kitchen, hear from you what you wish to have in your new kitchen, advice you about materials, colors and styles you can choose, and eventually give you an estimate price for the whole project.

Assigning a Professional Foreman to Run Your Project

Once you’ll decide to go through with the project, we will assign a professional foreman to manage your remodeling project. The assigned foreman will take care of all your project’s aspects, including any question you may have about it. Should you’ll choose to, our foreman will meet you in order to help you choose your granite and other materials of products such as faucets, sinks, etc. On the installation day, the foreman will arrive with the installation team to make sure everything is clear and you know what to expect. They’ll also guide the installation team with pointers for your project and will make sure everybody knows what their assignment is. At the end, they will make sure that everything is done perfectly and that you are satisfied with the results. Meaning, should there’ll be any problem during the installation or in case you won’t be happy about something – the foreman is there in order to solve it.

New Kitchens in Las Vegas

A Granite MD has a wide experience with designing and building new kitchens in Las Vegas for over a decade. If you want to remodel your kitchen, and wish to have a professional foreman to guide you through it, while offering everything you’ll need for your kitchen’s remodeling project – our experts are here for you! Call us at: 702-868-6114 and let’s schedule to start planning your kitchen’s remodeling with zero obligations!