The rustic design style is one of the 3 main design styles for interior and exterior design. As so it has been used for years and goes back to when people lived in wooden cabins – and this is actually where this design style has started – as people decorated their home by using nature-given materials. Today, the rustic design style is still very popular and used in many houses as it creates a warm design that is very welcoming and comforting. When we look on new kitchens in Las Vegas, we see a lot of use of the rustic design, but we also see new combinations that creates new beautiful kitchens.

The Rustic-Classic Designed Kitchen

The rustic-classic kitchen is a kitchen that was designed by combining elements of both the design styles – rustic and classic. There aren’t any rules about that – you can set which design styles of these two will be more dominant in your home designing or plan it to have equal effect on the entire styling. It can be classic with rustic touchups or the other way around.

The Rustic-Modern Designed Kitchen

The rustic-modern kitchen is based in the same idea described above. The combination of those two powerful design styles – the rustic and the modern. For example – a very practical and minimal designed kitchen, according to the modern design character but decorated with rough finish to the cabinets – according to the rustic design style.

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