The modern design style is the most popular design style today, as it suits any kitchen, be it small or big, the modern design is minimalistic on one hand and functional on the other hand. Meaning, it utilize the space at hand perfectly, allowing any room to seem specious, while offering an effective solution to the residents. On top on that, the modern design is beautiful and offers countless options for any homeowner to choose a unique and personal design at their home. Let’s examine few examples of the most popular modern styled kitchens.

Luxurious Modern Kitchen

The luxurious modern kitchen is something that you’ll find in a lot of Las Vegas’s homes. It is beautiful and elegant and usually glossy too. A very common example of a luxurious modern kitchen is a whole black kitchen, with glossy black cabinets and Black Galaxy Granite for the counters and island, with a stainless still sink and luxurious faucet, with a mirror-like metal for the backsplash – a stunning design for the kitchen.

Clean-Design Modern Kitchen

The “clean-design” modern kitchen, AKA the high-tech designed kitchen, will offer even more of that specious sense than the luxurious black design. Why? Because usually it is all white kitchen, which allows more light into the room, making the space “feel” more specious to the human eye. A common example of a clean-designed modern kitchen: white and glossy cabinets, bright granite countertops, porcelain sink, and some dark shade color (usually black or gray) backsplashes.

Using Wood and Stone in the Modern Kitchen

The use of wood and natural stone was more common for the rustic design style, which developed during the centuries. Today, it turns out to be trendy to use wood and natural stone elements in the modern kitchen design. While in the rustic kitchen the wood or stone elements usually have a rough edge and finishing, in the modern kitchen we will see smooth finishing to the wood and stone. For example, we can see a wooden wall cladding, which grants the space a very elegant touch, and we can see it in a lot of modern kitchens today.

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