The bathroom is one of the most important rooms and spaces of every house. It is the place where we clean our body and soul as we feel better right after every good shower we take. And if we take the time to enjoy a bath it is even better. That’s why we all deserve a spoiling bathroom to allow us to take the load of the day off our backs and to reload good energies as well. Let’s plan the best bathroom you can have!

A Bathtub or a Shower?

Why not have both? Each is practical in order to do the job but each offers an extra enjoyment. The shower is great for those quick showers you need to take and you don’t have time for the luxury of the bathtub. The bathtub is the place where you can lay back, close your eyes, listen to the water and relax.

A Dual Vanity

We’re all too familiar with the situation where both you and your partner wants to take the morning routine and you’re both almost late for work but you have only one sink at the bathroom… Having a dual vanity is not only beautiful and luxurious, but also so very practical especially during mornings. 

A Spoiling Vibe

What about creating the right relaxing vibe at your bathroom so you can feel as though you were at the spa? Fill your bathtub with essential oils with the perfect scent, folding your eyes with blindfolds to allow you to drift away in your thoughts, wrap yourself in a pampering bathrobe and fluffy slippers… And on the bottom line, allow yourself to enjoy your time at the bathroom. 

Making the most of your bathroom depends on what you like and what is a relaxing enjoyable experience to you. Let’s schedule to meet for a free estimate where you can consult with one of our experts about your new perfect bathroom design with no obligations! Call 702-868-6114!