Kitchen Designs with A Granite M.D. Las Vegas

Kitchens, in general, can be differentiated based on two things: their design and layout. For new remodeling projects, kitchens in Las Vegas can benefit from learning about the most effective designs and layouts of a kitchen.

Kitchen Theme

The kitchen design is generally based on a general theme and the minor design elements that build it as a whole. There are quite a few number of kitchen themes, and inspiration for new ones can come from anywhere. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Traditional Kitchen

The most notable design element of a traditional kitchen is the warm and welcoming familiar atmosphere. Solid wood cabinets are a staple in this style, as it provides both the strength and the warmth in kitchen cabinet design. Hardwood or stone flooring are also popular materials for this design.

White kitchens are also a great example of a traditional kitchen, with a brighter and roomier appeal from its white cabinets, walls, and countertops.

  • Modern Kitchen

These kitchens are known for their straight and angular design. It has a more minimalistic style, with a focus on natural design of the materials rather than ornamental items. These kitchens are also known for the stark contrast of dark and bright elements, and offer a unique balance of color.

  • Contemporary Kitchen

The contemporary kitchen theme evolves with the current design trends as it incorporates them in its style. Today’s current trend focuses more on efficiency, making ergonomic layout and streamlined cabinets and counters a priority.

Color-wise, a contemporary kitchen in Las Vegas looks very well with the both the warm tones of traditional kitchens and the color contrast of modern kitchens.

  • Themed Kitchens

The themed kitchen can range from the warm kitchens with traditional elements such as rustic, country, and farmhouse, to those with contemporary and artistic elements like craftsman, transitional, and bistro kitchens.

Inspiration can come from different things like hobbies, locations, or emerging interior design trends. Each kitchen theme has tons of customizable options, and it’s all up to the client on which design works best for them.

Kitchen Layouts

Another big element of a kitchen is its layout. Many kitchens are now carefully planned and built to have a very effective floor plan. The following are some of the most popular layouts for a kitchen in Las Vegas.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the most popular kitchen layouts. It optimizes the kitchen space by placing all the kitchen work areas in a semi-circle, offering close proximity to each other. These kitchens usually have a food preparation area, a cooking area, and a clean-up area on three different sides.

  • Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen design is an ideal floor plan for narrow kitchens, and it is quite common in contemporary designs. This offer parallel counters as work areas so that everything is within reach with just a turn of the heel.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shape offers more flexibility for the kitchen appliances. This layout offers an extra open space that is perfect for a kitchen island or a dining table.

  • G-Shaped Kitchen

The G-shape is a more enclosed version of the U-shape, and maximizes the space in the same way. The additional area can be transformed into a bar or another kitchen counter for extra storage and workspace.

Kitchen Elements

These are the major elements that are involved in a kitchen design and layout. They can be made from different materials and each has their own functions, dimensions, and designs. All of them provide details to the overall kitchen design.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets take up quite a large are of the kitchen space, making it a major design and layout element in every kitchen. Base cabinets and tall cabinets are almost always a must in every kitchen with their functions and design elements, and tall cabinets and kitchen islands also provide amazing storage functions and design.

One of the most important parts of the cabinet is the cabinet door, since it is the most visible part of the cabinet and should prominently feature the desired design.

  • Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen worktops are as essential as kitchen cabinets. They offer the necessary work areas in every kitchen, and provide areas for everything from food to kitchen utensils and equipment.

Kitchen countertop materials include natural stones like granite, marble, and limestone; engineered quartz and solid surface countertops; ceramic and porcelain tiles; hard wood and laminate; and even recycled glass. All the counter top options have a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from; and all are stain, scratch, and water resistant, though in varying degrees.

  • Kitchen Backsplashes

We provide a very wide selection of backsplashes for kitchens in Las Vegas to choose from: tiles like mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, and textured; natural stone backsplash like quartz, limestone, and marble; glass and mirrored backsplash; to even hardwood and stainless steel. They also provide a great customizable option by being flexible enough to have different combinations.

  • Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is another essential part of every kitchen. Most flooring materials are made from the toughest material, with visually appealing designs. Some of the most popular kitchen flooring installed in Las Vegas are natural stone tiles like marble and limestone with honed or polished finish, polished hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tiles, vinyl and linoleum flooring with countless patterns and colors, laminate, and concrete.

  • Appliances

The appliances provide both amazing functions and visual appeal to every kitchen. They usually take up large areas, and are a major design element to the kitchen. They may have unattractive wiring or ventilation systems, but they can be easily concealed in a remodeling project.

  • Lighting

There are extensive options for general lighting designs, and there are also aesthetic lighting options like under wall cabinet lighting for your work areas for a decorative effect as well. One of the most popular options today for a Las Vegas kitchen is energy saving lights for more friendly energy consumption.

The kitchen theme decides the overall look of the kitchen, but it’s the individual design of each kitchen element that makes it happen. The designs, layout, and materials of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring directly contribute to the overall look of all kitchen designs.