There are three major areas that should be incorporated for an efficient kitchen layout. Each area is built for a specific function, which optimizes every kitchen task by making it convenient for the user. The three areas are as follows:

Food Preparation Area

This is the area where all food preparation takes place. For all the slicing, chopping, peeling, mixing, stirring, and other food preparation tasks, you need all your kitchen equipment and utensils in one place.

A part of the kitchen counter or whole kitchen island can be placed with easy access to the refrigerator and the kitchen equipment and utensils storage, so everything is within reach when you prepare your food.

Cooking Area

This is the area for all your cooking activities may it be baking, boiling, broiling, steaming, or frying. The stove, oven, and cooking range along with the cooking utensils storage and spice rack an arm’s reach away. Of course, this should also be in close proximity with the food preparation area, so cooking your prepared ingredients would be a breeze.

Cleaning Area

The cleaning are is an essential part of every kitchen. You’ll need the running water from the sink every now and then, and it is best to be placed next to the food preparation area in a kitchen counter, or a couple of steps away from a kitchen island.
The sink, can be positioned close to the dishwasher and dish racks; so that the cleaning area, along with everything else that you don’t need while cooking, won’t be in the way while you do your cooking – though still within reach.
Almost all kitchen remodeling projects nowadays are carefully planned to achieve the most efficient floor plan on a kitchen space. Convenience at work is one of the key elements of a functional kitchen, and the incorporating the three kitchen areas is one of the best ways to achieve it.