The modern design style is used in many houses’ designs these days. Due to its functionality, the
modern design style offers both beauty and efficiency. The main idea behind the modern design style is
to take the space at hand and simply make the best out of it, allowing the user the best experience
according to their needs and decorative preferences. Today we’d like to talk about modern bathrooms
and give you a few ideas for modern bathroom designs.
An Efficient Bathroom Design
The first thing to do when planning a modern bathroom design is to take the space at hand into
consideration and adjust it to answer your needs. How many family members do you have living with
you? Are there children or elderly using the bathroom? If so, it is best to plan the bathroom to suit all
family members and their needs. For example – planning a dual sink as one will be placed lower so your
kids will be able to reach it.
Colors for a Modern Bathroom
In the modern design style, there’s a lot of use in solid colors, especially black and white, but not only
those two. Lately there’s more use of significantly bolder colors such as red, purple and green in modern
bathrooms’ designs. You can choose a single solid color for the entire bathroom design, such as an all-
white bathroom. Or you can choose colors combination for your new bathroom design, such as black
and brown, red and white, purple and white, etc. As long as you plan it right and choose colors that goes
together beautifully, the outcome will be beautiful as well.
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