The classic design style is royal and of a high-class. After all, it was initially used in palaces and temples for the high society. But even though the classic design style was born in structures with wide spaces and huge rooms, with the years it was also applied at houses – big houses at first and small later on. And today, the classic design style can beautifully decorate any house and any space no matter how big or small it is. Let’s talk about ideas for classic bathroom designs to inspire you for your home remodeling project. 

The Royal Design

The classic design style at its basic is very decorative and glamorous. The unlimited funds of the royal society allowed to create a very rich design style, which you can use at your bathroom. That can include big pillars made of natural stone around a big and wide bathtub or even a Jacuzzi. You can choose black or white bathroom cabinets decorated with gold color – a combination that was used a lot among the royals’ residences.

The Classy Design

If you want to have a classic bathroom design but don’t want it to be too fancy or “loud” you can design your new bathroom according to the classy classic design. Meaning, planning the bathroom according to the classic design style without the addition of pillars, sculptures and extra engravings. The bathroom cabinets can be lightly engraved, you can choose one solid color for the new bathroom – say white or even cream in order to level it a little.  

The Classic Design Combined with Others

The classic design can be beautifully combined with other design styles. You can have a rustic designed bathroom with classic design touches to elevate the rustic warm style with the luxurious classic vibe. The classic design can also be combined with the modern design style – you can plan your new bathroom to be practical, according to the modern designing but to have beautiful decorations from the classic design style, such as beautiful engravings on the bathroom cabinets.