The rustic design style is not only beautiful, but also creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the house. But if you plan a bathroom remodeling project, and want your new bathroom to look beautiful and unique, you need to think about including special designs and elements to create that extra touch to your bathroom’s new design. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you.

The Sink

Choosing a unique designed sink bowl will elevate the entire rustic design up a few notches. There are beautiful stone sinks that will go amazingly with your rustic bathroom design. You can choose natural stone sink – granite, marble or onyx – that are available in many colors and shapes. The idea is for the sink to be finished only on the inner side (where the water runs) and to remain rough and in its natural form on the outside.

Exposed Copper Pipes

Designing your new bathroom to have exposed copper pipes as part of the plumbing system, will grant your bathroom an amazing rustic touch. You won’t see it in any rustic designed house and it isn’t only some decorative element but a part of the most essential systems in your house. So, if you’re planning to replace the pipeline as part of the bathroom remodeling project, you should definitely consider to choose exposed copper pipes design.

Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets

When it comes to the cabinets in a rustic designed bathroom, you can choose rustic designed cabinets. But, you can also choose classic designed cabinets and it will go beautifully with the rustic design. Design styles combinations is something we see and do more and more simply because it is beautiful and allow the homeowner to choose their own unique combination.

Chiseled Granite Countertops

It may be obvious that we recommend you to choose granite for your new bathroom countertops. But, for that rustic touch you can choose chiseled granite countertops. The chisel edge finish have a rustic rough style to it and so it will go beautiful in a rustic designed bathroom.

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