As our experience teach us, choosing new flooring divided into two main decisions: the material of the new flooring and its color. And while one is usually set in advance, the other is a little harder to do, as the variety offers so many options!

Choosing New Flooring by the Material

From our point of view, this is the easiest decision for most homeowners. It seems most people know which material they consider to create a beautiful flooring before starting any home remodeling project. Hardwood flooring, tile flooring, parquet flooring, granite flooring – according to our experience, most customers already made up their minds about it. But, should you’re not sure which material to choose, our designers would help you with that decision, according to the colors you wish to have in your home, the design style and the atmosphere you wish to create in each room.

Choosing New Flooring by the Color

On one hand, most people do not decide to plan their home remodeling by the color. There are only few that ask to create a certain color design, such as a yellow kitchen or a blueish bathroom. But, on the other hand, when planning home remodeling, there are guiding colors that the customer chooses – and those can guide you with choosing the new flooring. The fun thing about colors is that it allows us to create beautiful flooring to match the colors of the main design line or we can create a contrast to emphasize the elements we want – the possibilities are countless!

Choosing New Flooring by the Design Style

Most homeowners knows in advance which material they want for the new flooring and the color is something to be matched with the rest of the house – but what about the design style? Knowing which design style you want in your new kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms may guide you with choosing the new flooring accordingly. On our next blog post we will elaborate on choosing new flooring according to the design style!