So you’ve moved into a new house or just completed the home remodeling you wanted and now you wish to host your family and friends for a housewarming party. Of course, you already know that a beautiful house can do most of the work of impressing your guests. But aside of your new stunning house, here are few of our tips for hosting at your home with style.

Clean Up and Organize

If your house won’t be clean or organized, your guests won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of your home. So, make sure it is all cleaned up and that everything is organized in its rightful place. Also make sure that you have enough seats for all your guests and in a manner that will allow them to communicate with each other. We strongly recommend to consider hosting the party at your backyard should the weather allow it – more on that to follow.

Prepare the Music Playlist

Make sure you have a decent playlist that all of your guest will like or at least such that isn’t annoying. When playing it, make sure it is loud enough for everyone to enjoy it but not too loud, so your guests will be able to hear each other. You can also ask a good friend to help you with preparing that perfect music playlist.

Welcome the Guests

When your guests start to arrive, welcome them warmly and hand them a drink – it will allow them to overcome that slightly embarrassment that sometimes takes over at the beginning of parties. And it will make them feel welcome. Additionally, should one guest is invited on their own, welcome them as arriving, introduce them to the others and make sure they mingle before leaving them for your other hosting tasks. During the party try to make sure that no guest is left to themselves, because they might get bored or even worse – lonely.

BBQ in the Backyard

So, why should you host at the backyard? First, if the weather is nice, it if fun to party out in the open air. Second, you can BBQ for your guests and impress them with your cooking skills, while enjoying their company. Also, the backyard is usually bigger than the living room and so, you’ll have more space to place enough chairs and tables for everybody to enjoy. Once the party will be over, you’ll find it is much easier to clean up after a party that took place outside of the house rather than in it.

Mix Drinks

Keep mixing tasty and fruity drinks for your guests from the moment they arrive and through the party. It will keep the atmosphere in the right mood and will elevate your party, as allowing your guests to feel a little more open to enjoy themselves! It also goes perfectly with that BBQ!