Tasty, warm foods is what makes the cold season a whole lot better, isn’t it? To treat yourself with a hot delicious soup as you hear the rain pounding outside your house’s windows… But, in the search of those comfort foods, we should remember that there are a lot of options that aren’t so healthy for you and your family, such as fried foods, so you should avoid it as much as possible and stick to the healthy foods. Here are 3 options for comfort, healthy and delicious foods.

A World of Soups

Soup is the ultimate food to consume during winters’ cold days. It is filled with vitamins should you prepare it right. And not only it tastes so good, a chicken soup can also restore your energies when you catch a cold. A vegetable soup is also great to help you when the winter gets the best of your health and will allow you to get stronger. Soups are not only a great way to treat a cold, but it also can prevent it as it strengthens your immune system. In order for you to not get bored from eating every day the same soup, choose a different soup every time and add to it some croutons. You can either buy croutons or roast it by yourself out of some bread you have at home.

Unsweetened Pies

Quiches basically allows us to enjoy a sort of cake as our food, only it is not sweet. Baking quiches with potatoes, onions, pumpkin or any other vegetable you like turns every meal to a celebration of tasty foods. See, quiches is not only health and taste great, but it is also considered as comfort foods, so in one dish you allow your family to enjoy so many benefits. And don’t get us started about desserts.

Oh oh oh Sweet Pie of Mine

Whether apple pies, chocolate pies or cinnamon pies, we all love sweet pies don’t we? It is one of the best desserts to enjoy during winter and, you can always serve it with a bit of cold ice cream to make it just perfect!

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