Having a swimming pool in the backyard – who doesn’t want it? At A Granite MD we have a lot of experience with planning and building residential private swimming pools. Now, before we start planning your new beautiful backyard swimming pool, here’s a few details to think about regarding the new pool.

Size and Depth 

In order to determine the size of your new backyard pool, first you must take the space at hand into consideration. How big is your backyard? What other things would you like to combine in it? Then, you must decide how deep will it be and for that you can take into consideration the age of your children, and the use of the pool (just for the kids, for family and friends, for parties, etc.).


The safety factor is highly important when planning a new swimming pool in the backyard. The safety is important for all family members – children, pets and even adults! You can plan the pool’s flooring to rise up to close the pool when not in use, or you can plan a protective barrier to circle the pool and prevent kids and pets to enter the pool or fall into it when not supervised by a responsible adult. The safety factor should effect the beauty of the pool, on the contrary – it should emphasize it!


A backyard pool should always be clean when you use it. Therefore, you must become aware for the possibilities you have for keeping your pool clean and healthy to use. You can choose great safe products you can use in order to clean up your pool or you can hire a pool person to do the job. Either way, the cleaning is an important thing to remember. 

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