Why Granite is The Most Recommended Stone for Kitchens Counters?

Kitchens’ countertops are made of different materials, such as: wood, limestone, marble, quartz, etc. As granite and quartz are the most common materials, granite is the most recommended one by professionals. Here’s some information about granite stone that help to understand why.

Strong and Durable

Granite is one of the strongest natural stones. Actually, its strength is only second to diamond. That fact allow it to last for years to come and not only that, but also to maintain beautiful and scratches-free. Of course it is not completely impossible to scratch granite, but it sure is very hard to do so. Meaning,your kitchen will remain as beautiful as it will be right after the granite installation for a long time after that.

Wide Selection of Colors

The granite stone is available in many different colors and designs – all made by nature. You can pick a solid black granite, a black granite with golden spots which look like stars upon the black sky, or you can pick a colorful granite – it depends only on what you’re looking for – the possibilities are countless. The wide selection of the granites’ colors also allows to match the countertops to your kitchen cabinets and the furniture at your house.

So, there you have it – granite grants us endless designing options for a strong, long-lasting kitchen, while requiring very low maintenance. But not everyone likes the granite stone and that’s ok as there are other option which are also great as long as you allow professionals to perform the job.

If you’re not sure what kind of stone you want for your kitchen or still debating about the color that goes with your kitchen design – we can help! The experts of A Granite M.D available for you, with no obligation! Call us at: 702-868-6114 and we will be at your service.