Granite or Quartz for My New Kitchen

Many homeowners scrabble with the question which stone is most recommended for their new kitchen, as the most common choices are granite, quartz and marble. Let’s compere these 4 stones on the base of 4 main features to help you make the best choice for you, as all three stones are great for your kitchen!

Creation Method

Granite is a natural stone, created in nature along millions of years. Marble is also a natural stone created by nature. Therefore, those has mostly similar features. Quartz, on the other hand, is a manufactured stone, which sets it apart from the other two natural stones.

Durability and Strength

Due to its creation process in nature along many, many years, granite is one of the strongest stones there is out there. Actually, its strength is only second to diamond, so there you have it. Marble is also considered to be a hard stone, although it has soft minerals in it. But don’t think that the quartz is a soft one, as its creation method of applying high pressure to it, grants it also strength and durability at high level, though not as high as the granite strength. Granite countertops is more durable for high heat and extreme temperature in comparison with quartz countertops for that matter. Regarding marble, well, it depends on the pattern of veining – sometimes the veins goes deep within the stone depth, which can create some vulnerability to it, but when installed by professionals, once it is set on the counters or walls, it is strong, durable and will last for years to come.

Design and Appearance

Its natural creation process, grants both granite and marble a natural genuine veining appearance, which you won’t get when choosing quartz, that its design is usually more of a consistent pattern. Of course we can’t determine which kind is more beautiful, as it depends on the preferences of the beholder. So,mind that your choice should be affected by the design you wish to create.


While granite slabs costs between 400 dollars to 2000, marble costs about 5% to 10% higher than granite. Quartz is the most expensive one at most cases, as it gets as higher as 20% to 40% in comparison with granite. Of course, this price differentials may vary when choosing different designs and patterns of the natural stones, as its price is also influenced by its availability in nature. So, when a certain natural design availability is extremely low, it can become more expensive than quartz.

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