Granite Slabs at A Granite M.D. Las Vegas

When it comes to home interior remodeling, one of the most versatile materials that are commonly used is granite. Las Vegas homeowners commonly install granite materials, as they make wonderful countertops, backsplash, flooring, fireplace, and even stair tread; with its wonderful set of properties.

Granite Properties

The granites used in interior remodeling are natural stones that are igneous rocks made from solidification of lava. This gives them a lot of amazing properties with the most notable ones listed below.

  • Natural Durability
    Granites are naturally strong materials. They are mostly resistant to water, heat, stain, scratch, and weather – though in varying degrees. They are perfect for countertops and other home interior uses as they can withstand the wear and tear of high human traffic and daily activities.
  • Low Maintenance Material
    Given its water resistant and durable nature, granites are quite easy to maintain. It repels stains and can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe; any scratches it may receive can be easily buffed; and the surface can easily be polished when needed.
  • Remodeling Flexibility
    Though considerably strong, granites are flexible enough to be cut, shaped, finished, and sealed. With proper equipment, remodelers like A Granite M.D. Las Vegas can customize any granite slabs into countertops, vanity tops, tiles, backsplashes, and other home interior material.
  • A Wide Spectrum of Colors
    Granites possess amazing natural colors, in a wide range of spectrum. The colors are created based on the granite’s mineral composition, with the most common having beige, white, and pinkish hues. Different colored granites are also quarried from other locations and have unique natural tones like blue, green, and black granite.

Granite Uses

Granites are commonly used in both bathroom and kitchen remodels. Their amazing interior remodeling properties make them a perfect building material. They are commonly known as the best kitchen countertop material, but they also excel in other uses.

  • Kitchen Countertops
    With all its amazing properties mentioned above, granite has become the most popular countertop option in the market. It is undeniably durable and needs minimal maintenance, it is flexible enough for contractors to install, and it comes with a great selection of natural design.
  • Backsplash
    Granite as backsplashes can go side-by-side with kitchen countertops. They can match, enhance, or balance out design elements like countertops, walls, and cabinets – adding another layer of depth in the overall kitchen theme and design.
  • Tiles
    Granites in Las Vegas are cut into tiles for a more flexible installation option, perfect for flooring or as wall tiles. They are naturally strong and durable and can withstand daily traffic and activity; and they also resistant to water and stain, making them very easy to clean.
  • Vanity Tops
    Many bathroom vanities are taking advantage of granite’s amazing properties by having granite as vanity tops. Granite can naturally withstand the high humidity changes in the bathroom and it is also low maintenance. Its natural color also offers a certain accent to the bathroom design.
  • Fireplace
    Modern homes in Las Vegas with granite fireplaces have become very common. Being naturally resistant to heat (they won’t discolor as much as other materials and they won’t crack in high heat) and being very easy to clean, granites make a perfect fireplace material. They also add a natural color for a beautiful design element in the fireplace.
  • Stair Tread
    The granite’s amazing natural colors and its different finishes can provide a great customizable option for stair treads. Granites have a naturally beautiful and elegant design that can make any stairs stand out.

Granite Finishes

The granite surface is considerably tough, but it can easily be customized to have different finishes that vary in texture and appearance. The three major granite finish types in Las Vegas are polished, honed, and rough; with each finish having their own purpose.

  • Polished Granite Surface
    The most common and popular granite finish is polished, with its elegant and reflective visual appeal. Polished granite usually grabs attention and highlights itself as a design feature. It has a very smooth surface that repels water and stains very effectively – making it the easiest finish to clean.
  • Honed Granite Surface
    A very smooth surface with a matte finish, this finish has a less reflective surface and does not interfere with the natural patterns and colors of the natural stone. This provides a softer, more natural look – but still very smooth.
  • Rough Granite Surface
    These are the customized finishes such as sandblasted, vintage, leathered, and other textured finishes. They offer unique surface textures made from different methods, offering a more personalized granite material for countertops, tiles, and other uses.

Granite Colors

As mentioned above, granite colors have a wide variety of selections, based on their mineral compositions. Each color comes in different shades, and can have different patterns like swirls, specks, and veins. Listed below are the different granite colors and their characteristics.

  • White Granite
    White granite makes any room look cleaner and more spacious by making it brighter. It is perfect for warmer traditional themes as well as the more elegant contemporary themes. It can also have finishes such as vintage, polished, and it can even mimic marble.
  • Black Granite
    Black granite provides the most elegant appeal in any granite color. It makes a kitchen or bathroom visually sleeker and more luxurious, and it can fit perfectly with any color scheme. They look best with a polished finish but also look great honed.
  • Beige Granite
    This color offers a warmer look to any room, with a lighter and welcoming appeal.  It also blends well with both darker and lighter elements and it looks great in polished, honed, and rough finishes.
  • Red, Brown, Green, and Blue Granite
    These colors add amazing themes and details to any room, making them an amazing design element. They look very natural despite having vibrant hues and they look best in polished finish for a more stand out appeal.

Granite is a building material that is not only visually appealing and durable, but also has a lot of amazing properties that makes it a perfect interior design element. Most households in Las Vegas have granite installed in their interior to take advantage of its benefits, and the best part is that granite stands the test of time, both in design and durability.

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