If you’re thinking about remodeling your house, you’ve probably thinking of how to use granite in your new kitchen, new bathroom – or whatever part of your house it is you plan on renovating. Natural stones aren’t only durable and allow homeowners to enjoy it for years, it is also beautiful and very easy to maintain. On this article we’ll discuss how and where you can use granite designs for your new and improved home. Let’s begin.

New Kitchens

Let’s start with the kitchen – a room which most homeowners choose to remodel at some point. The granite designs suit perfectly for the kitchen, as it allow us to enjoy smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces, which are the perfect setting for cooking. So, obviously the first thing will be granite counters. Choosing a natural stone design for the countertops will not only allows you to enjoy high quality but also beauty, as you’re welcome to choose your new granite countertops’ color and pattern from a vast selection of nature-made designs. Also you can choose granite flooring to match or contradict your new counters. You can also choose your new counters’ granite to include a built-in sink. Granite will also be a great choice for wall cladding – in the kitchen it is more of a backsplash – but in the bathroom, you can create something really stunning.

New Bathrooms

You can use granite designs for your new bathroom just as you can use it in the kitchen. Meaning for counters, flooring and so. But taking it one step farther, you can choose granite for wall cladding to create a stunning bathroom. You can choose the colors and patterns that you like for the wall cladding that will grant your new bathroom a relaxing and calming vibe, where you can enjoy after a long day, every day. But that’s not all – you can use the granite to create the shower stall including a seat or a bench within it, and a niche for the shampoo and such.

You can also choose granite to decorate the backyard, the pathway or even the garage! Want our help? Call the Granite Doctors at: 702-868-6114 and we will plan your remodeling project and give you a free estimate for it with no obligations!