The state of the kitchen can tell a lot about the people live in that house. By taking a look on the kitchen, we can even learn the family status of those who live there. There are few similar signs that will tell us if that certain kitchen belongs to a family, to a bachelor or maybe to happy parents to a newborn baby.

The Bachelor’s Kitchen

We’ve all been there, right? The bachelor’s kitchen, where the dishes are piling up in the sink, and it is never washed on evenings. No way, it is the time you’re busy enjoying yourself almost every night, out with friends. And even if you’re at home – who says that those dishes should be washed right now and can’t wait for tomorrow? But how does that kitchen looks? Well, most likely it is just the same as it always been. Meaning, the bachelor probably won’t remodel the existing kitchen, as most rend the place where they live, so why bother investing in it?

The Couple’s Kitchen

The bachelor found his love and now there’s the two of you, and you’re madly in love with each other. You dream of family and a place where you’ll call a home. You may still live in rent, but maybe you just bought together your first house. Either way, you probably don’t have enough money to remodel it but you do invest in the little things that makes it your kitchen – such as beautiful curtains to the windows, a beautiful set of towels, etc. What sure is that you tend to enjoy the kitchen as you cook together tasty meals, as you taste each other too…

The New Parents’ Kitchen

The phase where you learn to recognize your kitchen with your eyes closed. You are happy but tired most of the times. And as your new born wakes you up in the middle of the night, hungry and crying, you walk into the kitchen with your eyes closed to fix their bottle. You may still won’t have the means to remodel your entire kitchen, but in this phase we do start to see small remodeling project that meant to make your life easier, such as renewing only the kitchen’s counters.

The Family’s Kitchen

The children are running around the house and your family has your own home now. And you want it to be perfect. When it comes to the kitchen, you wish to have a specious space, where you can enjoy cooking meal or cookies with your family and also share dinners. That’s also the stage in your life where you’ve built your career and saved enough money to remodel your kitchen so it can be that perfect space you wish to enjoy. That’s why the family’s kitchen maybe the most messy kitchen (after all it is more active), but it is also the prettiest too.