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Flooring Characteristics

As will be listed below, there are quite a few types that can be used for home interior flooring in Las Vegas. They all have the potential to look good and enhance the overall room design, but there are some flooring that are more suitable in certain areas than in others.

Different areas of the house receive different volumes of traffic and activity every day, but most of the materials that are used in flooring are strong enough to withstand it. The main characteristics that are usually taken into account when choosing flooring are the design, its surface texture, and its resistance to water, weather, and stain.

  • Kitchen Floor
    Many kitchen floors are smooth for an easier movement in the kitchen, but they also hold some traction that is essential for safer kitchen activities. Of course, the design is also a huge factor.
    Some of the most popular kitchen flooring in Las Vegas has these characteristics, like smooth hardwood with a semi-gloss finish, natural stone and porcelain tiles with a smooth matte finish, and the low maintenance concrete.
  • Living Room Floor
    Living room flooring materials are very low maintenance and easy to clean. Many living room floors shine and attract attention – perhaps nothing displays home cleanliness more than a polished living room floor.
    Hardwood and natural stone are a popular option with their polished or semi-gloss finish, and smooth laminate is also perfect for being a low maintenance material, and its wide array of design options.
  • Bathroom Floor
    Bathroom flooring requires strong resistance to water and humidity, and an additional grip and traction in shower stalls and bathtub areas. This makes hard flooring like ceramic and natural stone tiles perfect for bathroom tiles.
    These tiles are also durable and they offer a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs. For a cheaper alternative for flooring in Las Vegas homes, resilient flooring like linoleum also does a great job in resisting water and everyday wear and tear if properly installed and sealed.

Types of Flooring

With quite a few options, home interior flooring can generally be categorized into three kinds: hard flooring – natural or otherwise, wood flooring, and synthetically engineered resilient flooring. All have unique characteristics from each other, and have different options as well.

Hard Flooring

The main characteristics that all hard flooring have in common is their naturally hard composition that makes them highly resilient once installed. These include stone, concrete, and earthenware materials that are usually cut into tiles for easier installation. They are also water and stain proof, low maintenance, and have a textured surface with amazing grip, even when polished.

  • Ceramic Tile
    Ceramic tiles are manufactured earthenware or porcelain tiles that are generally thin and lightweight, but highly resilient once installed. They vary in shapes and sizes, have decorative designs, and are highly customizable. They can also have polished, matte, or textured surfaces; and they are some of the most affordable options for kitchen flooring in Las Vegas.
  • Natural Stone
    Natural stone tiles are cut from natural stone slabs like granite, marble, and slate. These are naturally strong materials that can resist water, heat, and stain. They all have natural earthy colors and can be customized to have different finishes like polished, matte, or rough.
  • Concrete
    Concrete flooring is made from concrete tiles, and they are also highly customizable with its design options. These tiles can be stained and painted into different colors, and they have a unique texture compared to the other hard flooring materials.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring may come from slabs of natural hardwood to the engineered wood placed in laminate flooring. Wood flooring can be engineered to be easily maintainable and to be able to withstand the daily wear and tear of daily traffic at the same time.

  • Hardwood
    Hardwood is one of the most beautiful flooring materials. Not only is it inherently durable, it also has a warm and beautiful natural design. Different types of hardwood have a range of colors and hues, and they all look perfect to complement and balance out any home interior design.
    Some of the most popular hardwood floorings are pine, maple, and oak; and they can be cut in planks of all shapes and sizes. These floors can be stained to a simple light hue to an ebonized look, and they can be finished in many ways like polished, matte, and rough.
  • Laminate
    Laminate flooring is made from thin sheets of wood with plastic on the outer layer making them very flexible and waterproof. This type of flooring is smooth and very easy to maintain, and they also come in a wide range of colors and patterns that can even mimic natural stone and wood patterns.
  • Cork
    Cork flooring comes from cork trees, and has amazing unique characteristics. It is impact-resistant, warm, and resilient. They come in a wide variety of warm pigments, and have excellent grip. These are the most eco-friendly flooring product, but they need extra care than the other options.

Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring is made from both natural and synthetic materials and are engineered to withstand heavy human traffic, and to be very low maintenance. Those of this flooring type usually are made as floor coverings or tiles.

  • Linoleum
    This is one of the early examples of the resilient flooring – making them perfect for antique or vintage themed rooms. Made partly from linseed oil or wood dust with mineral fillers, they are extremely durable and flexible. They can be manufactured as sheets for seamless floor coverage, or as tiles for a more flexible installation.
  • Vinyl
    Vinyl composition tiles are the more commonly used resilient flooring material. These are composed of mainly synthetic materials that are extremely durable and resilient, and are cut into modular shapes. It is very affordable, highly durable, and easy to maintain, and perfect for high traffic areas.

When it comes to choosing flooring in Las Vegas homes, the things that have to be taken into account are the correct flooring materials with the correct characteristics that matches the nature of the home interior room. Every flooring material has numerous colors, patterns, and textures to choose from when it comes to their design.

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