If you’re considering remodeling the kitchen you must have some questions about it. Luckily, most chances are that someone already asked it before you. Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about new kitchen and the answers for it, so you can get most of the information you seek.

How much a new kitchen costs?

New kitchens’ costs vary from one to the other. It depends on the size of your kitchen, the elements you wish to replace as part of the remodeling project (counters, cabinets, flooring, sinks, faucets, walls decorations, etc.), the materials you choose, and of course the company you choose. That’s why we always say to get a free estimate for your remodeling before committing to any scale of a project.

What material is the best for the countertops?

The most recommended materials for the kitchen countertops are the natural stones: granite, quartz and marble. Those stones are strong and durable and with the craft of professionals will last for years to come. Sure, it may will cost you a little extra, but it worth it because of its high quality.

Which design style should I choose for my new kitchen?

That is entirely up to you! Designers can always advise you about which style they think will be the most beautiful for your kitchen. But professionals will be able to create your new kitchen in any style that you like. It’s like we always say that classic design suits best for wide and big kitchens, but it doesn’t mean that a small classic kitchen can’t be done or won’t be pretty – when you work with experienced professional – they will make sure that you will be happy with the outcome.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

The process usually starts with an estimate meeting, after which you should choose the materials and products for your new kitchen. Then, there’s the processing of the stones for the counters and the wood for the cabinets, should you’ve included it in your project. Once it is ready, installation can be done. When it is a small kitchen and you only replacing the counters (including new sinks and faucets or not), it can be done quickly, even in one day including demolition and installation. In other cases, it can take several days and up to a week unless you’re preforming a really huge remodeling which inquires more time than that. Anyway, the company should advise you ahead regarding your project length of time so you’ll be able to prepare yourself, and schedule a time that will be convenient for both you and the company.

Should I replace the sink and the cabinets when I remodel the kitchen?

There’s no necessary to replace those parts and other parts of your kitchen as part of the remodeling. Meaning, you can even remodel only the countertops. But, if you do think about replacing it sometime in the near future, it is best to include it all in one remodeling project. You can get a better offer for one remodeling project rather than several projects that each is priced separately. So that’s something to think about. Of course, you should plan your kitchen remodeling according to your financial abilities and that’s another thing to think about.

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