One of the most difficult decisions to make regarding remodeling your home is choosing best the construction company to do the job. In order to make a good and a smart decision is to learn everything you can about the company you consider to hire. And so, on this article we would like to present ourselves, our services, our experience, our perspective on how a remodeling project should be executed and of course – the benefits you will get of hiring A Granite MD for the job. On the following you will learn what types of project we offer and specialize in. Which design styles we recommend to our customers for their project. Which materials we work with and use on our projects and how we guide our customers with choosing the materials and products suited for their needs. What types of package deals you can get for your project due to collaborations with suppliers in our filed. And how we make sure the whole process of each project is going according to what’s been planned, while preventing any time waist for our customers as we deal with any scenario along the project. Sounds good? Let’s begin.

Who Are We

Most important thing to know about A Granite MD is that we are a family-owned company. We believe that home is where you feel safe, loved, belong and happy – which means that any house should be designed according to the wishes of the family who reside in it. And so, we address any project as it was our own home we wish to remodel, while we listen to the owners’ wishes and expectations out of the remodeling project. Sure, we advise each of our customers with ideas and according to our experience and knowledge, but the bottom line is always of the homeowner and what they wish to create at their own houses. We strive to execute each project at our best, while using high quality materials and paying attention to each aspect of the project, down to the smallest detail. Fine construction is what we want to create for our customers.

A Las Vegas Local Company

A Granite MD is a Las Vegas local company. And we take pride in that. We love the local community of our beloved city and support it as much as we can, other than simply turn their houses to the better. We serve the local community of Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, and the surroundings. Sometimes we also distance to Pahrump and other places, as we try to serve as many families as we can. But mostly we operate within the city limits of Las Vegas because we strive to be as available as possible for each of our customers. In order to achieve that, we also assign a foreman for each of our remodeling projects, who will take care of all the aspects of the project whey assign to, from A to Z. Find out more benefits of choosing a local company for your project here.

A Foreman for Each Project

Every homeowner who’s considering remodeling their house, is somewhat concerned about the whole process of their remodeling project, and especially about the outcome of the project – how things will look at the end of it. Additionally, dealing with any sort of unplanned setbacks isn’t something that the homeowner should be worried about. Therefore, we assign a foreman for each of the projects we take on, so they can guide and assist the homeowner with each and every step of the project. The foreman will deal with any scenario that may occur along the project, make sure that the materials and products ordered for the project arrives as planned and as ordered, ensure the quality of the work that is done by our professionals, and will answer the customer’s needs and questions along the project. The purpose of assigning a foreman is clear – first, to loud off stress of the homeowner and second – to ensure that each project is going, executing and resulting at the highest professionalism level and as planned in advance. For more information about our foreman service enter here.

Professionalism and Experience

Professionalism isn’t something to compromise about. Not even a little. The high professionalism standards we ensure and maintain at A Granite MD is the main factor that allows us to satisfy our customers. Each of our experts has the knowledge, the experience and the tools to perform at their highest level. We equip our teams only with the top-notch tools to allow them to do their jobs perfectly. We have a very vast experience with all types of remodeling projects and we use our experience and professionalism in order to advise to our customers, so they can enjoy the best results possible. And when we say best results – we’re not only referring to the quality of the job, but also to specific wishes of the person in front of us – our customer. And we aim to answer all of each project’s needs.

A General Contractor – One Stop Shop

A Granite MD operates as a general contractor and so, we offer a varied selection of services, which allow our customers to get all their project’s needs in one place. You don’t have to run around to check the endless options and prices available at the market – as you can find it all with us. We will guide you through the options at the right moment for each of it, so you won’t get lost and confused with all the supply available to you. This will save you the strass, the time and the headache that comes with running from one home improvement store to the other. Allow us to guide you through it and make sense and order with it all.

The Services

Here’s the list of our most common services – if you don’t find here what you need, you can always contact us and consult with no obligation regarding the services you’re seeking for your remodeling project. We’re positive that we will be able to provide answers for all construction-related needs you may have, be it a specific element you want to renew, a certain room, the backyard or the entire house.

Free Estimate at Your Place

Every new project ought to start with a free estimate at the customer’s place, which they wish to remodel. More than that, even before committing themselves to any project, each customer deserves to get the general picture of what’s about to happen – from ideas for the remodeling, answers for crucial questions they may have, and of course – the estimated cost of it all. That information is needed for each customer in order to figure out if it is something they can afford. Therefore, our first acquaintance with each customer is at a free estimate meeting at their places, where we can take measures of the space at hand, advise the homeowners regarding the project, and provide them with the price quote for the project. Click here to learn more about the importance of a free estimate. Click here to get our tips for what you should ask on an estimate meeting. And click here to learn what to expect the estimate meeting to include.

Professional Designer Advice

Sometimes along the estimate meeting, we find that the homeowners are not quite sure what exactly they want to do. For example, they wish to remodel the kitchen, but haven’t figured out the way they want their new kitchen to look like. And that’s ok – because we have just the service for you – consulting with a professional designer. You can meet with our designer and plan your remodeling project down to the last detail. As we understand that consulting about the preferred design style is a crucial need in the process, we grant this service to any of our customers with no additional charge.

Accompany to Choose Your Materials and Products

In some cases, our customers wish us to join them in choosing the materials or products for their project. When needed, we accompany our customers in the process in order to guide them – which granite slab to choose, the color, pattern and even the direction of its veins, as we already plan how we will cut the granite slab to fit perfectly to the design planned for the project. We would also recommend our customers where to get the best materials and will get them great deals with other suppliers.

Package Deals for Your Project

Along our years of professional experience in remodeling houses in Las Vegas, we’ve created a lot of collaborations with other suppliers. Out of those collaborations we’ve built package deals for our customers as they enjoy great prices for the best materials and products in the market of home improvement. That includes: cabinets, natural stone slabs, tiles, flooring, faucets, sinks, and even electric appliances.

The Projects

At A Granite MD we specialize in many types of projects, and that goes for both residential and industrial projects. Houses, hotels, casinos, new neighborhoods projects – we do it all. Here’s our most popular remodeling projects.


Replacing the old kitchen’s countertops is one of our most popular remodeling projects. It is affordable and the change it create turns the whole kitchen to be much prettier, more durable, more convenient to cook upon, easier to clean, and it lasts for years to come. Most homeowners choose granite new countertops but we also offer marble and quartz countertops. When conducting countertops renovation, it is possible to examine the option of increasing the surface space, by extending the counters, if the space at hand allows it. Another way to increase the surface space at your kitchen is adding an island, which may allow you to enjoy both more surface space and additional storage space by adding new cabinets underneath the island. An upper bar counter is also an option with the island or the counters, on which you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can also include an additional sink on the island. Renewing and replacing the kitchen’s countertops is usually a short process, which on some cases can be completed in one or two days. Click here to get more information about our countertops, choosing materials for your countertops etc.


We have a vast experience with remodeling kitchens of all sizes and styles. Any new kitchen project starts with a free estimate meeting in which we hear from our customers what they wish to include in the remodeling project. Some choose to replace everything, some plan the project according to a budget and adjust the things they wish to include to suit their financial abilities. Of course we can help you with planning a remodeling project according to your budget. If you’re planning to remodel the kitchen, here’s the things you needs to consider to include: new countertops, new cabinets, new flooring, new faucets and sinks, and that’s just the main things. Other things to take in mind are the foundations and infrastructure – should the house’s foundations be reinforced? Should you fix the electric or piping infrastructure? These are very important things to check before starting the remodeling project, because you don’t want to go through with the project only to find out the following year that the piping infrastructure is failing. Additional things to consider related to the decorative aspect of the new kitchen – lighting systems, wall paint, new curtains, etc. Those decorative elements are not crucial at the beginning of the process and you can think about it later on, but it is nice to plan it all in advance, so that’s another option for you. For more information about our granite kitchens enter here.


Who doesn’t want to treat themselves with a new pampering bathroom? See, the kitchen is a room that all of your family enjoys, but together. And the bathroom, is also a room that all of your family enjoys, but separately – and so, investing in the bathroom is investing in yourself (and your other family members, sure). Just imagine the warm bubble bath, from which rises a sweet and comforting scent, in which you wish to disappear for an hour or so, while allowing both your body and mind to relax. Think of your new bathroom as your own private spa – which is available to you any time you desire it (with no entry fee). So, think carefully about the bathtub you’re about to choose (a Jacuzzi is a totally acceptable option). You can also choose to combine both bathtub and shower stall – we do that in more new bathrooms than you can guess. The storage issue is also highly important at the bathroom – so new cabinets are probably in order – you can choose custom-made cabinets to fully use the space at hand in your bathroom. If you choose to replace the flooring and wall tiles, you should also check the infrastructures’ condition. For more information about our natural stone new bathrooms enter here.

Backyard Remodeling

The backyard – the outdoors part of the house, which can be turned into a private heaven, your own party set, your own dreamy piece of nature. Now, the list of the things you can include in your backyard remodeling project is truly too long to detail it all right here, but let’s mention the things that we believe that most homeowners want to have, and you can take it from there to anywhere you want to. Ok. So, first thing is the lounge area – especially in Las Vegas, the weather can be extremely hot, and if you wish to enjoy the backyard you need to plan a shaded area in it. It can be planned to include a small coffee table or even a dining table, which will allow you to host family dinners at the backyard. A BBQ bar is also important because what’s the use in a designed new backyard if you don’t have a BBQ grill to throw steaks upon whenever you’re craving it? Turn it green – plant grass, flowers and trees in the backyard to create your own nature-like haven. You can also include some of the following: playground for the kids, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, mini-golf field, soccer gate, basketball net, waterfalls, stone pathway, etc. Click here to read our articles about backyard remodeling and get more inspirations, ideas and tips for your new backyard.


You may think that fireplaces are only useful during winter time but that’s not exactly correct. See, a fireplace is also a decorative element to upgrade the entire design in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. We can design and build a custom-made fireplace according to your wishes, or you can choose electric fireplaces that are very unique and beautifully designed and therefore very popular these days. You can check out some of the fireplaces we’ve designed here.

Entertainment Rooms

Entertainment rooms is what you consider entertaining to be – it can be a private theater room, gaming room or table games room (pool, soccer, hockey, etc.), and more! All you’ve got to do is tell us what you want this room to be and we will help you plan it and turn it into a reality! With a well-planned entertainment room, who needs to ever leave the house? But seriously, think about those days when it is too hot or too cold to go out and you can spend hours of enjoyment within your own home.

Home Bars

Host your friends with style with your own private home bar! Beautifully display your booze collection upon glass shelves or other beautiful designs. You can create an illuminated counter for your home bar, using onyx stone just as made in the most stunning bars in Las Vegas! Cheers to that! Oh, by the way, we can plan your home bar to be inside or at the backyard – wherever you want it to be!

Bedroom Designs

Return the romance into your relations by remodeling your master bedroom! As part of remodeling the bedroom you can also redecorate the master bathroom, creating your own private place to enjoy with each other. New bedrooms can include new flooring, new lighting, new furniture, etc. And should you really wish to remodel your bedroom but can’t find a reason to do so, you can find some good excuses for you here on our amusing blog post in the matter.

Flooring Solutions

In flooring department we have many high quality options for you. The best solution, which we mostly recommend on are the hardwood flooring or natural stone tile flooring – be it granite, quartz or marble. If you choose natural stone tile flooring, we can plan the tiles to be of the size you want it – up to the size that the granite slab allows. We can also do a custom-tile designs within the new flooring, such as family sign, or a unique pattern – click here for some examples of custom tiles.

Storage Solutions

At A Granite MD we’re also specialize in designing custom storage solutions for every part of your house – inside and out. That means storage solutions for the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms, the hallways, the stairs, the backyard, the front yard, the attic, etc. We design the storage solutions to suit and maximum use the space at hand. Click here to discover all about our storage solutions and new cabinets with our partner company Best Buy Cabinets!

All Design Styles and New Combinations and Ideas

At A Granite MD we specialize in all design styles and will advise you according to our experience and knowledge in order to come up with the best plan to answer your wishes and expectations. We may offer new design ideas and even combinations of several design styles. See, the bottom line is to create a beautiful design, which you and your family have in mind (be it a general idea or an exact picture).

Classic Design Style

The classic design style is very elegant and prestigious and usually suits for wide spaces but not only. It can also be suited for small spaces if planned properly. It is a royal design style and was the main design in every castles, palaces and manor houses. It is very artistic and combines decorative elements, such as floor-to-ceiling natural stone pillars, crown moldings and even stone sculptures.

Modern Design Style

The modern design style is very efficient and minimalistic. The idea behind it was to create a design that will fully use the space at hand. Therefore, it is less decorative and more of straight lines and angles, so every corner is used. The modern design style is characterized by smooth surfaces and glossy colors. Click here to learn more about the modern design style. Want some ideas for modern kitchen design? Click here!

Rustic Design Style

The rustic design style is the most nature-like design. It is based on log cabins and its natural design made of woods. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and also considered to be the most romantic design style.

Contemporary Design Style

The contemporary design style is an evolution of the modern design style. Its basic guide lines are very similar to the modern design, only it takes it forward by using new none-straight angles, bold colors and custom-made storage spaces. This is the newest design style and we see more and more of it both in residential and commercial projects. Enter here to learn more about this new and dynamic design style.

Combined Design Styles

Nowadays, there’s tendency to combine between two different design styles or more. It can be done is so many variations, the options are truly countless. For example: a rustic designed kitchen with decorative elements that are taken from or based on the classic design style. The new combinations create unique interior designs, and allow more homeowners to create a one-of-a-kind design at their houses.

As mentioned above, A Granit MD are experts in all design styles and combinations and will help you plan and execute any special request you may have regarding the design elements in your home. You’re welcome to contact us at: 702-868-6114 to schedule your free estimate meeting in Las Vegas and surroundings with one of our experts, and with no obligations.

High Quality Materials – High Quality Work

Important thing to keep in mind is that you could always find a cheaper offer, but what you’ll get, will be according to what you’re willing to invest. Therefore, we always recommend to our customers to choose high quality materials and products. On our hand, we will perform a high quality work on each remodeling project to make sure you’ll get the best you can get with the materials you’ve chosen, so you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for years to come.

Want to get an offer you’re your house’s remodeling project in Las Vegas and surroundings? Call A Granit MD – a Las Vegas local company at your service! Whatever change you wish to create in your home, we will bring it into reality in the highest level. If you’re seeking for professional consultation regarding planning your home renovation, you’re also welcome to schedule with us at: 702-868-6114 and we will advise you according to our vast experience. We will arrive at your place, take measures, hear from you what it is that you wish to create, will advise you and will assist you with adjusting the project according to your budget, so before you even commit yourself to any project, you’ll know exactly what to expect in all aspects of the remodeling project.