Planning a new modern kitchen can be really fun as the options are countless. This design style offers beautiful colors combinations – some of which classics, such as the black and white combination, and such are out-of-the-box! It is entirely up to you to choose your own style. So, here’s just a few ideas and things to keep in mind for designing a modern kitchen.

The Cabinets Colors in Modern Kitchens

Ok so let’s start with the new cabinets for the kitchen. Mostly, in modern kitchens, the cabinets are of a solid color and with a smooth, sometimes glossy finish. Meaning, you will see a lot of black or white kitchens in modern designed houses. In terms of combinations, it is very common (and beautiful) to create contrasts between the colors. The obvious option is black and white cabinets – or black cabinets with white countertops and vice versa. But, you can create your own unique color contrast, such as combining a “warm” color with a “cold” one (example; yellow with blue), or dark shade color with bright shade of the same color.

The Countertops and Island

In most modern designs the countertops and islands are made of natural stones, mostly granite. Why? Well, first it is practical as it is offers very low maintenance, as it is very easy to clean and it is also durable and so will last for years to come. Second, it has smooth finish with a beautiful glow, which is perfect for the style of modern designs. Also, the wide selection of colors and patterns allows to create that contrast we’ve talked about easily.

The Flooring in Modern Kitchen

At the beginning of the modern designing natural stone flooring was the most common option. Usually it was marble flooring, due to the smooth finish of it, which looks like a natural gloss that goes beautifully in modern designs. Later on, the use of natural stone was extended to granite, quartz and more. Then, hardwood flooring was also combined in modern designs, due to its smooth finish, compared to wooden flooring with rough finish that suits the rustic design style. And nowadays, you have many options – natural flooring, hardware flooring and lamination flooring. All of which available in many colors, shades and patterns.