When moving into a new house, most homeowners starts with designing the interior space rather than the exterior, which is understandable. The interior rooms is where you and your family will spend the most of your time. The first thing we want to feel in a new house is that we’re well protected from the world outside, while feeling belong in that house – and so, it only makes sense that most homeowners will invest most of their time to turn the new house into a home. Therefore, you can say that the backyard is an “extra space” for you and your family to enjoy and you’d be surely right to call it so. And that extra space can also be the cherry on top, should you design it properly. Here are some design ideas for a backyard you and your family will enjoy.

The Lounge

If you wish to lay down and relax in your new backyard you need to plan a comfortable lounge in it. Additionally, this is where you’ll be able to host your friends whenever you want to, while offering them a cozy calming area to enjoy themselves at. This is the part when you need to think about the size of your family and amount of friends and also the frequency in which you like to host. Accordingly, you need to decide how much of the backyard space you wish to dedicate for the lounge.


If hosting is in order – do it with style. And what shows more style than hosting your family and friends while cooking for them on your new grill? It will allow you to be available for your guests (as you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen), while showing off your grilling skills.

Let the Sunshine In

It is important to create shaded areas in your backyard, where you can relax and hide from the heat of summers. But, it is also great idea to allow some sunshine in. Why? First, it is good for all plants, so if you want flowers and other plants to exist in your backyard, you need to allow it to enjoy the sunlight. Additionally, it will allow you to catch some tanning privately.

Swimming Pool

If we’ve already mentioned tanning – let’s talk about a private swimming pool in your backyard. It will upgrade any kind of party you will host during summer, it will allow the children hours of activity, and it will be the refreshing splash you can catch during the hot summers of Las Vegas.

The Warm Area

If you want to enjoy your backyard all through the year, you also need to think about the winters, obviously. What you can do is to create a lounge that can be closed during winters, so it will become a space you can heat a little when needed. Having that option will create an opportunity for you to enjoy your backyard whether it is extremely hot or really cold outside.

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