Limestone Countertops at A Granite M.D.

Limestone countertops are not as ideal kitchen countertops than the other natural stone alternatives, but it is popular nonetheless. This material usually comes in elegant white colors that provide a brighter kitchen appeal, and it doesn’t only look beautiful, its texture also adds a unique kitchen element.

What is a Limestone Countertop?

Limestone is a natural stone formed by grains of different minerals from marine fossils and corals. This makes the sedimentary rock white and sandy, and adds a perfect elegant texture to a kitchen as a countertop. It is a relatively strong natural stone, but it is a bit more delicate than granite and quartz.


The limestone’s major appeal as a kitchen countertop material is its beautiful and elegant appearance and texture, though it is not the most ideal countertop option because requires higher maintenance. It is, however, perfect for elegant countertops that doesn’t endure a lot of activity. Here are some of its notable properties.

  • Beauty and Elegance
    Limestone countertops have a very elegant design with a very unique texture. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular, as it truly does provide a beautiful elegant look to any kitchen design.
  • Durability
    When it comes to durability, limestone is a very strong option. Being a natural stone, its composition is considerably strong and is perfectly durable as a kitchen countertop.
  • Weather and Heat Resistance
    Limestone is naturally heat resistant and it also has high water resistance, so they don’t usually need sealing.
  • Ages Beautifully
    This countertop is one of the few materials that actually maintain its appearance as time goes by. With proper maintenance and care, this countertop will age gracefully.
  • Varying Design Options
    Though not as many as with other countertops, there are quite a few variations in limestone countertops. From pure white to sandy colors, there are also different textures and sizes of limestone countertops to choose from.
  • Flexibility
    Limestone is considerably easier to be molded than the other, harder, natural stone countertops. It is also easier to buff and polish than granites and marbles.

A Beautiful Countertop Alternative

Limestone countertops may be very beautiful, but it does require extra maintenance than the other natural stone countertops. It is prone to stains and scratches, but can be prevented with immediate care and proper maintenance.

It also costs a lot more considering some of its drawbacks, but the sheer elegance of the limestone countertops makes it all the more worth it.