Laminate Countertops at A Granite M.D.

Laminate countertops have always provided a cheaper alternative for kitchen countertop types. It is designed to be easy to maintain and to be strong enough to be a great sturdy material for kitchen countertops.

What is a Laminate Countertop?

Laminate countertops are made from thin layers of wood or paper tightly compressed and sealed between layers of plastic. This makes it one of the cheapest countertop alternatives, and even though it is not as strong as the other options, it is strong enough to get the job done.


Being made from thin sheets of paper, resin, and wood, these thinner countertop options are manufactured in high volumes, thus making it more cost-efficient. It has a lot of unique properties that makes it a great alternative for a kitchen countertop.

  • Easy Maintenance
    The laminating process not only binds the layers of paper and wood, it also binds the layers of resin in the laminate resulting to a water and stain resistant surface across the material. The smooth surface can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe.
  • Countless Design Options
    One of the best properties of laminate countertops is that it has a wide collection of designs. Many are those that mimic natural countertop designs from different shades and patterns of wood, granite, and marble. They also come in other different abstract colors and patterns, and can fit any kitchen design.
  • Different Finish
    Laminate countertops can have different finishes as well that blends superbly with each design. Traditional matte and glossy are some of the most common, though it can also have custom abstract designs.
  • Affordability
    As mentioned earlier, laminate countertops are produced in large volumes and from relatively affordable materials, making it a very cost friendly countertop option – perhaps the most affordable.
  • Flexibility
    When it comes to flexibility in countertops, nothing can beat laminate. It is the thinnest, lightest, and most flexible option making it very easy to install. It can also be easily replaced if the need ever arises.

A Cheaper yet Effective Kitchen Countertop Alternative

Kitchen remodeling can become expensive and using laminate countertops is a great way to cut the cost. Though not as strong and durable as the other countertops, this is still quality material that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of kitchen activities.

It can also mimic the colors and finishes of the best natural design, and it can have its own unique abstract patterns and colors, making a great countertop when it comes to style and design.