Hardwood Countertops at A Granite M.D.

Hardwood countertops are some of the best looking countertops for traditional kitchens or other themes with a warmer appeal. It is made of solid wood, and is a great alternative for the more common stone countertops.

What is a Hardwood Countertop?

Hardwood countertops are countertops that are cut and shaped directly from lumber. These are finished and sealed to become water resistant and their designs naturally come from the beautiful colors and patterns of the solid wood.


Being made from solid wood rather than stone, a hardwood countertop offers quite a few unique properties that also make it a great kitchen countertop material.

  • Natural and Warm Design
    The natural warm colors of wood have an amazing effect on different kitchen types. It can blend perfectly well from traditional, rustic, country, contemporary and other kitchen designs that incorporate a warm appeal.
  • Ideal Work Surface
    This countertop’s wooden surface offers a softer work space than stone countertops, making it perfect for kitchen knives and other utensils. Though it is much more prone to dents and scratches, these can also add a certain character to your kitchen.
  • Water and Stain Resistant
    Hardwood is not naturally resistant to water – that is why almost all of hardwood countertops are properly sealed. Not only does it protect the wood perfectly from stains and water damage, it also adds a great finish.
  • Variety of Choices
    Solid wood varies from oak, cherry, maple, to mahogany. Each wood has its own design and accent that can match different kitchen designs; and you can also choose from different shades of stains and hues that you can incorporate with it.
  • Ages Beautifully
    Wood, if properly taken care of, does look more beautiful as it ages. All the dents and scratches that it may receive only add to its character and the whole kitchen’s as well.

With all these amazing properties, hardwood countertops does need a little extra care compared to the stone countertops. The wood does require proper sealing for it to be effective. If not taken care of properly, it can result to water damage so proper maintenance is a must.

A Beautiful Countertop Option

Hardwood, without question, is definitely one of the most beautiful countertop materials around. Its natural warmth is definitely one of the most visually beautiful designs, and its structure makes it a strong countertop material with a touch of wooden softness. With proper care, a wooden countertop can age beautifully.