Granite Slabs and Countertops at A Granite M.D.

Granite has always been one the most popular option for kitchen countertops. It is the perfect material with its durability, natural design, and easily customizable shape and finish. But what exactly is granite and why is it one of the best materials for countertops?

What is Granite?

Granite is a natural stone and is a common type of igneous rock – highly durable rocks made from solidification of lava. Depending on its mineral content, the colors of granite vary a lot with white, beige, and gray being some of the most common. Granite countertops are quarried, cut, polished and installed without changing its natural composition, so it retains its natural color and design.

Types of Granite Countertops

With all granite being made from natural stone, the usual classifications of granite countertops are based on its color.  The colors are naturally created based on the granite’s mineral content: there’s no way of changing it, though it does have a wide variety of natural colors to choose from.  Some colors are a bit rarer than the rest, as it all depends on where it is quarried.

As mentioned above, granite countertops usually come in white, gray, and beige. Even so, there still a lot of variations of each color, depending on the granite’s mineral composition. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • White – White countertops brighten up any kitchen and come in a number of designs: from classic, vintage, antique, and off-white colors; to different patterns, splotches, hues, and streaks.
  • Gray – Gray countertops are popular with modern and contemporary designs. It balances out the kitchen colors and comes in different shades, from very dark to a light gray shade.
  • Black – Black countertops are one of the most elegant choices for countertops. The natural black color is usually accompanied with lighter colored streaks, hues, and patterns that add extra details.
  • Beige – Beige is a classic color for kitchen countertops as it brings a warm appeal and can match with almost every kitchen design. Like the other granite types, beige granites can have different shades and natural patterns.
  • Other Colors – Natural granite countertops also come in a wide spectrum of earthy colors that ranges from the warmer red and brown colors to the cooler blue and green hues.

The Perfect Countertop Material

Granites are the perfect countertop material with its natural strength and beauty, along with its amazing scratch, stain, water, heat, and weather resistant properties. These are the elements are essential in kitchen countertops, as they have to be very durable and low maintenance to be highly effective.