Concrete Countertops at A Granite M.D.

Concrete countertops are perhaps the most customizable countertop option. Its unique properties of being molded into a countertop present endless options for customization. Those are the most notable properties of concrete countertops, but they sure aren’t the only ones.

What is a Concrete Countertop?

Concrete countertops are basically concrete molded to form the shape of the countertop. The concrete can be mixed with different shades of color and are usually sealed to be stain and water resistant. It is usually no more expensive than the natural stone alternatives, but it is definitely strong enough to handle everyday kitchen activities.


Concrete countertops are perhaps one of the most unique of the countertop materials. It’s most notable difference is that it has to be molded into shape, rather than cut from slabs. This gives the concrete countertop a great number of qualities that the other alternatives don’t have.

  • Customizable Shapes – These countertops are molded from wet concrete to form any countertop shape. They can also be molded in varying size and thickness.
  • Seamless Design – The molding also ensures that the finished countertop would be whole and seamless, and it also gives room to add amazing details such as unique edges.
  • Variety of Color – Aside from the concrete’s natural color, other hues can be mixed or stained with the concrete to match any kitchen design. There are a wide variety of colors that can be incorporated to the concrete countertop.
  • Personalized Options – Designs for concrete countertops are almost limitless. Personalized inserts and inlays can be incorporated from glass, small tiles, pebbles, and other items. Embossing in the mold can also create amazing designs.
  • Water and Stain Resistance – On its own, concrete countertops are very porous and do absorb water and stain. This is why they are applied with surface sealers to be highly water and stain resistant, and also have a smoother finish.
  • Organic Look and Texture – Though not a natural stone, concrete countertops still have the organic appeal, without the synthetic and manufactured appearance. Its color may change over time, but it only adds to its visual appeal.

Excellent Kitchen Countertop Alternative

Concrete countertops may not be as popular as granite and quartz countertops, but it does have a number of amazing properties that its alternatives don’t have. If you don’t mind the plain and simple look, then this highly customizable countertop option is a great alternative. It is engineered to withstand everyday kitchen activities, and it is also not more expensive than the more popular options.