A Granite M.D. has the best selection of countertops to clients in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. We only offer the highest quality materials like granite, quartz, and marble for scratchproof, heat resistant, water and stain-proof countertops; and they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can match any kitchen.

Black – the most popular countertop color as it blends elegantly with every kitchen type

  • Black Marble – very elegant, highly polished, with white streaks
  • Black Galaxy Granite – deep black with bright specks like a starry sky
  • Sparkling Black Quartz – black quartz crystals that blends with the deep black resin

Whitebrightens up any kitchen, gives a more spacious feel

  • Carrara White Marble – Iconic marble with gray hues, very elegant
  • Bianco Romano Granite – mimics a marble accent, with warm black and red hues
  • Arctic White – solid, clean, all white countertop

Beigelight and warm that blends well with any kitchen type

  • Barcelona Granite – white, beige, and cream with natural patterns
  • Chakra Beige Quartz – mimics the pattern of natural granites
  • Beige marble – warmer than white but just as elegant

Other Colors – Natural granite countertops have a wide variety of colors from natural brown, red, blue, and green shades. Quartz countertops have a higher color spectrum as it can be engineered into any color.

A Granite M.D. has installed thousands of countertops since 2001 for clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, and North Las Vegas. If countertops are what you need, then we can provide you with the best options and the best deals.