The contemporary design style is vibrant and dynamic. It is usually colorful. It doesn’t have to include many colors but the shades are usually bold and youthful. It is sort of an extension of the modern design style, as it is also very practical and minimal, only it takes those features further. Want to know more about the contemporary designing and get some ideas for your contemporary kitchen design? Well, read ahead!

Colors Choices in Contemporary Kitchens

As mentioned above, in the contemporary design it is more common to use bold and vibrant colors. Red, green, yellow and purple are strong choices for the contemporary kitchen’s cabinets. The finishing will usually be glossy. So there you have it – new red glossy cabinets is one of the most beautiful choices at hand. The contemporary design take use of bold colors but, it is also important to remember not to go too far with mixing too many bold colors together.

For example, if we choose a bold vibrant color for the new cabinets, we should balance the design with combining somewhat of a natural color for the kitchen’s countertops and flooring. By doing that, you will achieve two goals – first, it will neutralize the entire design style and second, it will allow the bold red to stand out and it will even increase its dynamic effect.

Glossy or Matt Finish

As the contemporary design is very much “alive” the glossy finish is much more common in contemporary kitchens. It adds the spark to the dynamic line of the styling.

The Contemporary Kitchen’s Stand-Out Effect

We’ve talked about choosing one bold color to stand out above all the rest – but it doesn’t have to be the cabinets. It can also be the countertops that stands out. How about choosing green or red granite for the counters, while you balance it with white cabinets? You can also choose only the kitchen’s island to stand out by choosing it a different granite stone from the rest of your kitchen’s counters.

Custom Made Kitchen’s Cabinets

Another main feature of the contemporary design style is to be very efficient and practical. Meaning, it uses the space at hand very carefully. For example, designing cabinets to suit perfectly in the uneven corner at your kitchen. And not only is the space taken into consideration when planning the contemporary kitchen, but also the unique needs of the user. Meaning, if you have a lot of kitchenware you wish to hang above the kitchen’s island, the planning should include a solution that suits you. Guess the bottom line of this part of the contemporary design is to create a space that is uniquely suits the individual user rather than creating a popular line of design to suits many.