Planning your new kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of remodeling your kitchen. It is like assembling a dream only you know it will become a reality soon. If you’ve choose to design your new kitchen according to the classic design, surely you want the results to be classy, royally and luxurious. And so, here are just a few ideas and things to consider for your new classic kitchen design.

Granite Countertops

We almost always prefer to recommend granite stone for new kitchens’ counters. It is not only beautiful and prestigious natural stone, but it is also durable, easy to clean, and will last for years to come. The granite stone is available in many colors and patterns so you can choose your own unique style for your new kitchen. Other natural stones that will also suit perfectly in a classic designed kitchen are: marble, quartz and Caesar stones.

Royal Flooring

If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen you should also consider remodeling its flooring as well. As we always say, a beautiful flooring is the basic of a beautiful home. Natural stone flooring will allow your new kitchen a luxurious look. You can choose glossy finish or matt, dark or bright – the possibilities are many!

New Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen must have beautiful cabinets! You can choose cabinets from existing designs or have custom made new cabinets according to your kitchen and your design preferences. Just make sure you choose quality cabinets that will last for many years.

At A Granite MD we offer all that you need for your new classic designed kitchen – granite counters, cabinets, flooring, crown molding designs, and also – sinks, faucets, chandeliers and more! We can help you with planning your dreamy new kitchen and will give you a free estimate at your house. Call us at 702-868-6114 and let’s schedule!