As part of building a plan for your remodeling project, you’ll also have to choose the design style you wish to design your home according to. You don’t have to choose one design style as you can choose the features and elements you like and assemble your own style, piece by piece. On this article we will focus on the classic design style, its features, its main colors, and other elements of it, from which you can get inspired for your project.

Classy, Royal, Prestigious – The Classic Design Style Origin

First the classic design was used in palaces of the highest royalty. The wide spaces and tall ceilings allowed the designers the freedom to do almost anything they wanted to do, as far as combining sculptures, statues, pillars and more. Since it was meant for royalty, budget was never an issue, as you might have guessed. But, the origin of this design style wasn’t born here, as its inspirations goes back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Such inspirations are the use of natural stone, especially granite and marble, to build high pillars, statues and other ornaments to decorate the palaces on the inside and out.

Features and Colors

The main features of the classic design are pretty clear once we understand its origins, right? And those are – a lot of ornaments and decorations, a lot of curves and engravings within the materials, which usually will be natural stones. We’re talking about design choices that aren’t related to the efficiency but rather the appearance and beauty of it. For example: there will be a crown molding in most classic designed kitchens. Now about the colors, we can say that it isn’t a matter of black or white choice anymore. Sure, at the past the most common colors was indeed black and different shades of whites, as those were the most prestigious natural stones’ colors. Nowadays, one ca choose almost any color they want in order to plan their own classic designed house.

The classic design style usually goes best in large, wide and specious spaces due to its decorations, but it can be adjust to suit a small space as well. We can help you with that! All you’ve got to do is call us at: 702-868-6114 and we will plan your remodeling project together and with no obligations!