Before planning a home remodeling project, we must prepare a budget, determine what we want to change and renew, choose professional company for the project, and this is only the beginning of it. The hardest part is choosing the outcome – the design style, the colors, etc. Therefore, on this article we will advise you about the colors options that will allow you to create the atmosphere you wish to create in your new kitchen. By knowing what vibe you want to grant your new kitchen, you’ll be able to choose the best colors to do so.

Playful Colorful Kitchen

If you’re young in spirit or you wish to create a kitchen that will encourage your children to take part in the daily activities, such as cooking, baking and even cleaning – you should consider choosing a colorful kitchen. It can be red, green, blue, orange or purple – whatever your favorite color is. The idea is to think about a color that you love and that when seen, makes you happy. Combining more than one color is also an option but it is recommended to consult with professionals about the combinations you consider and learn if it does indeed go together. The use of such colors is usually seen in modern kitchens or in new contemporary kitchens, and it does suit it so you may want to consider one of the two design styles.

Relaxing Smooth Kitchen

The kitchen can get intense sometimes, and so it is no wonder that a lot of homeowners wish to grant it a calming vibe. Creating relaxing environment in the kitchen can be done by using solid soft colors, such as cream, bright pink or pale blue, such as usually seen in classic kitchens’ designs.

Warm Kitchen

A warm kitchen is a kitchen where you feel as though the walls were hugging you. But how do you create a room where the walls hug you yet not suffocate you? Well, we do it by choosing warm colors, such as orange and nature-like colors, such as brown. The darker the shade you’ll choose, the warmer it will become. That’s why nobody wants to paint their kitchen’s walls in black for that matter. But brownish of different shades – will be a great choice. It also means, that you’ll probably go for the rustic kitchen’s design style, with which brown colors related.

High-tech Kitchen

If you want a sophisticated yet clean kitchen, you can choose the high-tech kitchen style. The colors’ selection is pretty narrow, as most high-tech kitchens has white as the prime color with touches of black or gray to go with it. But it can be created with colors of your choice, on a new styling of your own.

Those are only a taste of the options you have for designing your new kitchen. Want to hear ideas and costs for your kitchen? Call us at: 702-868-6114 and let’s schedule a free estimate meeting!