How to Choose Granite Countertops Color?

The granite stone is available in many different colors and designs – which all made by nature. Even the same color granite slabs can be different from one another. And with so many options, it is hard to choose your favorite one. So, in order for you to not get all confused and blinded by the variety of all the colors, here are some pointers for you to think about before choosing your new kitchen’s granite color.

Pick Colors You Love

It may be obvious to most, but trust us – when you try to choose the right color for you, your supplier might try and influence your decision in order to help you, but you have to choose the color/s you like, that will welcome you whenever you enter your kitchen. There’s no one and only secret formula for the perfect kitchen, as it depends on the preferences of each homeowner and their personal taste.

Think About the Design of Your Kitchen

Well you should absolutely choose colors which you like, but in order to create a harmonized design at your home and kitchen you must include the designing aspects when choosing the granite. Try to combine a light colored granite should your kitchen cabinets are dark colored – in order to “break” the dark colors with colors that will light up your kitchen. It is also important to combine colors that will match together and you can consult a professional designer in order of doing so.

Go and Handpick Your Slab

As we’ve mentioned, same colored slabs can be different from one another, especially if you choose a color of slab which has veins in its design. That’s why we recommend to handpick your exact slabs.

As part of our service, at A Granite M.D. we accompany our customers to choose their slabs, should they want to do so. Our mission is your 100% satisfaction with your new kitchen, and choosing your own slabs is yet another station in reaching our destination! Give us a call at: 702-868-6114 and we will advise regarding granite choosing and design issues – call and get a free of charge estimate from one of our professionals.