More and more homeowners in Las Vegas choose to have a built-in BBQ bar at their backyards. Some choose it because they love cooking on the grill, some because they love cooking outdoors and some just love the environment at their backyard as they host friends for a great barbecue meal. But a built-in BBQ bar offers more benefits to its owners – let’s explore the main ones.

Barbecuing Safely

Cooking with an outdoor grill can be risky, as we won’t always find the best way to place the grill. Additionally, the grill may move or even fall as a result of our cooking if we don’t pay full attention to it, and if children participate the event, it gets even more hazardous, as they usually play and run around the backyard and might accidently hit the grill and hart themselves by it. When you have a built-in grill, which is steady and secure to its location, it is safer for both yourself and your guests, be it family or friends.

Easier to Clean

It is much easier to clean up a built-in BBQ bar rather than a portable one. The parts that need to be cleaned, easily come apart of the grill and we can clean it fast and easily.

Easier to Operate

When you have a built-in BBQ bar, it is easy to operate and much more convenient. All you got to do is light it up and start cooking whatever it is you want – meat, vegetables and even marshmallows!

Enjoy Barbecuing More Often

When it is easy to operate and clean the grill stand, you’ll probably choose to use and enjoy it more often. Meaning, you’ll enjoy more cooking, tastier foods and more great and happy moments with your family and friends.

It Adds to the Backyard Design

A built-in BBQ will add to your backyard design! You can create beautiful backyard design by adding a BBQ bar that will match the overall design of your backyard or design the whole backyard including that barbecue bar as a part of it.

Whatever you choose – our specialists can help! At A Granite MD we can create a beautiful built-in BBQ bar according to your backyard design or create a beautiful backyard design with a new built-in BBQ bar! Call us at: 702-868-6114 and let’s schedule a free estimate appointment.