Las Vegas Bathrooms with A Granite M.D.

Bathrooms, in general, can be differentiated based on two things: their design and type. For new remodeling projects, clients can benefit from learning about the most popular and effective designs and types of bathrooms in Las Vegas.

Bathroom Designs

The bathroom design is generally based on a general theme and the minor design elements that build it as a whole. Though there are a lot of bathroom themes available, it can all be categorized into one of the three: classic, contemporary, and themed bathrooms. Each one has unique aesthetic difference with the others, and inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere.

  • Classic Bathroom
    The classic bathroom is the traditional bathroom design that never goes out of style. These bathrooms usually have predominantly white elements like walls, tiles, vanities, sinks, cabinets, flooring, and bathtubs; and are balanced out with another color.
    Some of the most iconic elements of a classic bathroom are free standing bathtubs and sinks, metro tiles, and furniture style cabinets. Some elements of other themes can also be incorporated without changing much of the classic bathroom design.
  • Contemporary Bathroom
    The contemporary bathroom follows today’s current bathroom design trends such as new design elements that complement the modern designs of showers and tubs. The contemporary design has borrowed many of the distinct modern designs that broke away from classic bathrooms.
    Some of the most iconic contemporary bathroom elements are the streamlined and angular cabinet designs, the stark contrast of black and white colors, the elegantly polished materials, and a more open floor plan for better efficiency.
  • Themed Bathrooms
    Themed bathrooms in Las Vegas can range from familiar bathrooms with traditional elements such as rustic and nautical themed bathrooms, to those with contemporary elements such as modern and luxury bathrooms.
    Inspiration can come from different things like hobbies, locations, or emerging interior design trends. Each bathroom theme has tons of customizable options, and it’s all up to the client on which design works best for them.

Bathroom Types

A bathroom usually has a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a bath tub. Bathrooms are usually categorized depending on how many of these four elements are present in them.

  • Half Baths
    Half baths are the smallest bathroom type. It is also known as the powder room, where only two of the four elements are present: a toilet, and a sink or a small vanity.  Half baths focuses more on the daily personal hygiene activities – minus the shower or a bath.
    Half baths takes up only a small space in a house’s layout, but it is quite functional. With such a small space, most half baths are designed with white or other bright colors for a more spacious appeal.
  • Three-Quarter Baths
    These baths are composed of three out of the four elements, thus the name three-quarter: a sink, a toilet, and either a bathtub or a shower. These are common for bathrooms in Las Vegas with a limited space.
    They provide the essential bath options in addition to the toilet and the sink, making them one of the most used rooms in a house. Daily activities, high traffic, and the constant humidity changes require these bathrooms to have very durable materials for tiles and cabinets.
  • Full Baths
    Full baths have all four elements making a very effective and functional room.  They require a larger space than the other baths to accommodate both the bathtub and shower, and have a more complicated piping layout than the rest.
    These are also common bathrooms in Las Vegas homes. Three-quarter baths also see high traffic and humidity changes, so the materials that are used for these bathrooms are designed to be able to withstand the daily wear and tear.
  • Master Bathrooms
    Master bathrooms are a type of full bath that are more spacious, and are connected to the master bedroom. Many master bathrooms are installed with multiple vanities, walk in showers, and walk in closets; taking advantage of the space for more accessible functions.
    Whether they have a traditional or a contemporary theme, many master bathrooms are designed with a touch of modern luxury to complement the elegant appeal of the master bedroom.

Bathroom Design Elements

Every bathroom is composed of different elements with individual functions, but varies in their materials, size, and design. They can be arranged in different layouts based on the bathroom space. Listed down below are the essential design elements of a bathroom.

  • Bathroom Sinks and Vanities
    The two main options for sinks are the freestanding sinks and the bathroom vanities. Freestanding sinks are the space-saving option with its smaller design, perfect for half baths and smaller three-quarter baths. The most popular sinks are made of ceramics like porcelain, as they are considerably strong, easy to clean, and timeless in design.
    Bathroom vanities provide an additional storage space, and covers up the plumbing of the top sink. They take up a larger space, and provide a design opportunity to add details in the bathroom with its cabinet, vanity top, and sink.
  • Bathroom Cabinets
    Bathroom cabinets include the linen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and wall cabinets. They come in two notable design types: the traditional furniture style, and contemporary design.
    Materials for bathroom cabinets can be tricky, as they should be able to withstand the constant humidity changes in the bathroom. Many solid woods can warp without proper care, while engineered wood and laminate materials repel humidity and water, making them more popular for our clients’ bathrooms in Las Vegas.
  • Bathroom Tiles
    Bathroom tiles come in wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials.  Some of the most popular are: tiles such as mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, and textured; natural stone tiles like quartz, limestone, and marble; as well as glass and mirrored tiles. Its decorative feature can enhance every bathroom’s visual appeal.
  • Bathroom Flooring
    Natural stone and porcelain tiles are some of the most popular choice since they are both sturdy and requires minimal maintenance. Vinyl and linoleum flooring with countless patterns and colors are popular as well; so are laminate and concrete. It can all come down to the design element when it comes to choosing the right one.

When it comes to bathroom design elements, the most important factors would be the bathroom type, the bathroom’s general theme, and the individual design elements of each material that builds it.