Awards Winning Home Designs in Las Vegas

What is so special about home designs in L.V? Guess it is the diversity of design’s styles. While in other major cities in the states there’s usually main home building design line (sometimes it is required due to weather or geographicfeatures, such as extremely rainy areas or earthquakes), in Las Vegas there are many different design styles, which make this city an inspiration for many interior designers and homeowners. And so, when we talk about awards winning home designs in L.V, we’re not talking just about one particular design style.

High-tech “Clean” Design Style

High-tech design style, is characterized by bright colors, straight fine angles and lines, including a widespread use of white color. Therefore, we will see white cabinets in these homes, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and actually all around the house, including the bedroom’s closets. There are a lot of new kitchens in Summerline, Las Vegas, that are based on this style of design. Moreover, it is safe to say that in Summerline neighborhood there are a lot of homes that are designed in modern style, rather than classic or rustic designs.

Rustic Designed Home

In the beautiful Silverstone Ranch, we’ve witnessed a frequent use of the rustic design style. Of course, not every homeowner in Silverstone askes for a new rustic design kitchen, but this design is surly the main design line of the neighborhood interiors. So, this is where we can get inspired of powerful designs combining the color black with natural wooden elements or colors. A common example of this style is a kitchen with black cabinets and brownish granite countertops with wooden floor – or the opposite – brown wooden cabinets with black granite counters. Of course, that the options are countless.

Your Design Ideas Might Be the Most Special ones!

Those designs mentioned, are the most beautiful home designs in Las Vegas, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in our long term experience, is that you can always step up and raise the bar of design style by new creative ideas, as our customers never cease to amaze us with their ideas. Got a vision for your new home design? Give us a call, and let’s talk about it – no obligation whatsoever! Call: 702-868-6114, our experts are waiting!